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Story of The Traveling Lunch Box

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3/18/12- Before the morning meeting Dina came in with a story, a heartwarming story about her childhood infatuation with a rock singer named Davey Jones, a member of an ancient rock band, correction bubblegum rock band, and how she wanted a lunch box with the Monkees images on it that she had seen in the window of a local hardware store. Dina wanted this lunch box so bad and so on and so forth. Dina was a wee little girl and she had eight brothers and sisters and her parents back in the sixties didn’t have much money to go around. Small little Dina was out for herself, like she is these days (pushing sixty). Some things will never change and little Dina pestered her parents for that Monkees lunch box and badgered them and kept up this behavior until her parents gave in to shut that little bitch up. Her poor parents begged, bowed and scraped to get this special lunch box for Dina and and when she finally took this lunch box up to he room (why did she have her own room with 8 brothers and sisters? I only had 1 brother and sister and I didn't have my own room.) So Dina opened up her lunch box and she was skunked because it had a Beatles rock band logo on it and not the Monkees. She said." Who Are The Beatles?" Her parents didn't know the difference and back in the sixties it wasn't as easy to bring things back as it is in these days.

So when Dina came to her senses and realized it was not the Monkees lunch box she desired, she cried cried a river and took the Beatles lunch box and whipped it at her bedroom wall. She then cursed her parents and said they were just stupid hicks a couple a rungs above Ma and Pa Kettle . So Dina's parents threatened to spank that little ungrateful bitch because of the damage she had done to the plaster in her room but they never did. Her chunky little white ass never felt a scratch. So Dina used it anyway and slimed up the insides of that lunch box with her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Tupperware container full of milk. In about a year or so she obtained a large Monkees decal but it would not quite cover the Beatle's picture so Dina conspired to cut a black background from her only available material  of construction paper  and she plastered the background and her gumball machine Monkees decal on, forever concealing John's, Paul's and Ringo's images, and rendering the lunch box worthless on the current ebay market (current value $599.00 dollars).

Dina never realized how ridiculous her homemade Monkees lunch box was. She continued to carry it to school every day until a special time came for her. It was time for her first period. So her special little lunch box also began to house other items besides peanut butter and milk. It was now carrying Kotex in preparation for her first period. Girls all have such heart warming (did I say heart warming? I meant to say gut wrenching stories, I always get those two mixed up} about the first time blood emerges from their hole and Dina was no different. They all know exactly were they were, when the blood stared flowing, like everyone knows where they were on September 11, 2001  they experience "total recall". 

Dina was upstairs in her room humming The Last Train to Clarksville, a newly released Monkees song. Her first period was over and the blood stained Kotex were stuffed deep in the garbage can, with the regular garbage on top. "Boy that was fun" she thought. She kept humming the part of the song "Last Train to Clarksville and I'll Meet You at The Station," while her parents were downstairs trying to stuff some tomatoes they grew in the yard into a ball jar to be eaten by their family that winter. "Stupid hicks," Dina thought to herself. Dina was sipping a bottle of coke and thinking about the other girls stories about making coke bottles serve double duty. After sucking all that sweet syrupy pop out of the bottles, some girls claimed to use the empty bottles to whack themselves off . But for now too many of Dina's hick family were milling around the house for her to try it. If the coke bottle thing was only half as much fun as her first period was, life was worth living again. She now had her first period story to tell and hair was was really starting to grow down there. She was becoming a full blown woman. Her little sister came in her room, The Monkees were on TV now and her little sister was watching too. She wanted some of that shit too. Dina's father had been out working in the field too long and suffered severe sunburn on the top of his ears, so doctors were forced to amputate both his ears. This left only small holes in the sides of his head so he could hear. It looked ridiculous next to his crew cut. "What a fool," Dina thought. It didn't matter that Dina had music and peanut butter and jelly and was riding in cars with boys . She had heard tales about how other girls had their cherries popped in back seats. Her day would come. She would hum "Last Train to Clarksville and I'll Meet You at The Station."  Dina kept on humming.

We now move forward in time about 7 years to about 1973, the Monkees had been kicked under the bus by 1973 but Dina's periods were coming like clockwork. You could set your clock by Dina's periods. A nice steady flow of blood, she was so happy with it. She enjoyed the Bitchiness that came along with them as it was natural for her. A natural born bitch. she also could make men miserable with her long messy periods. She didn't have to have sex. She could buy the biggest boxes of Kotex and parade though the store with them.

By this time Dina's family farm and 23 acres were being sold at auction for $14,000 to the highest bidder and the house she had grown up in and had her first period in was scheduled for a controlled burn by the local fire department. It was for the best of times. The whereabouts of her parents were unknown, She and her many brothers were living at other more secure places half of the time, but most were coming to the big bonfire. At the same time the members of the Monkees were gobbling large amounts of street acid, mescaline and guzzling Wild Turkey.  Dina knew at that time her and her little blood fountain down below was going to take over.  'These times they were a changing", she thought. She would soon pop out some beautiful kids and have complete control over them for the next 20 years. If any men wouldn't bend to her will there was Horace and many other men that would . It was the American way. It was a win win situation .

Sorry folks, I know it looked like a happy ending was on it's way. All of a sudden a flash of light was seen and Dina found herself back in the Monkees lunchbox time lying in bed thinking of other girls who had not had there first periods yet and how she could counsel them. At this point in time Diane had not had her cherry popped yet. but it might be only a matter of days till she jumped that little hurdle. She had already had plenty of boys dirty little hands in her shirt and there had been many tongues in her mouth. The older girls had only warned her of one thing. THEY HAD TO USE A RUBBER! No exceptions. Hell how hard could it be to find boys that possessed rubbers. She could install the rubber herself and make sure it was secure and tight. Dina might even be able to obtain rubbers herself from the older girls and conceal them in her Monkees lunchbox.

Dina got up, got dressed, grabbed her lunch box and headed to the schoolyard where the big girls hung out. She had some questions about rubbers to ask them, soon she was there and she learned that pharmaceutical companies stuff a lot of rubbers in them little boxes, so there were plenty go around, something like Kotex. If Dina could wait, there would be a handful of them there for her in a couple minutes . The big girls knew Dina wanted her cherry popped, so they filled her hand with rubbers and gave her a light little spank on the but, as she turned and walked away. What they didn't know was Dina not only wanted her cherry popped, she wanted it demolished. She wanted a colossal schoolyard story to tell. As Dina's older friends were watching her walk away, they knew she would succeed. Next time they saw her, she would be asked to stay and hang out with them. Dina had some work to do first, she had to roll up the top of her skirt. so a lot more of her juicy little legs were showing and she had to unbutton her shirt, so that guys could get a look at that cleavage. She was trolling now. She hoped her catch would have a big dick.

One of the older girls at the schoolyard, got the rubbers from her boyfriend, but there were strings attached. He wanted a blow job and she had to do it when she was naked. She agreed and figured the boyfriend must be stupid as she would had done it that way anyway. Meanwhile Dina was swinging her lunchbox and jaywalking. Dina was wearing  a jumper, which is a plaid skirt that day, something like what Britney Spears wore in her I'm Not So Innocent video", but Dina was wearing it for real . That is what school girls wore back then. Dina was thinking about all the stories she had heard at the schoolyard from the older girls and what was it like to get your cherry popped. She learned how relieving and how really good it felt.  She also learned about the excitement before it happened and the total ecstasy and then the sure thing after lull. She believed them, but she could never confess this to any men, if she wanted to rule the world. Then Dina turned the corner and bingo there were 7 or 8 guys just hanging out and much to there amazement she charged them and didn't retreat. Dina walked right into the middle of them and asked them for a cigarette and a light. She was dressed to kill and the guys couldn't believe this was happening. Some of the guys were younger and became afraid, but it was obvious what Dina was there for. To them it was like as if she fell down from heaven. God had been happy with their gang activity and had granted them a whore. "Who will it be ini, mini, mini, moe, hope I am picking the biggest dick or one of the close close second's," she stupidly said as she pointed to the each guy. Once Dina turned that corner, she was saying good by to her cherry. She thought good riddance.

It isn't quite sure how Diana and her new found boyfriend lost all the other boys {Dina wound up doing a few of those boys in the months to come, but that's another story} but they did and were walking to the old viaduct stopping to French kiss along the way. Dina's new boyfriend's hands kept finding their way up inside her dress and she was having a hard time keeping her dress down. She told him he had to wait until till they got there so no one could see. Finally they were there, it was a dirty place with graffiti on the walls but it offered privacy. Wow he had a big dick and Dina was slowly and gently installing his rubber now. She did pretty good job for a first timer unrolling it on that shaft with the lubrication made it even easier. "God that thing is big," she thought. Then the time for gentleness was done, Dina was being manhandled now and she loved it. He picked up her dress and threw her on the dirty ground, her white cotton panties went flying, never to be found again. He was tearing at her shirt now and the both of them lifted Dina's dress over Dina's head. Her new boyfriend had mad short work of Dina's cherry. He never told her but that wasn't his first cherry and it wouldn't be his last. He was deep inside her now and she was tight. He was pumping away like a steam hammer. Dina was doing her best to kick back. She couldn't spread her legs wide enough for him. "GOD DAM IT, this feels good," Dian thought, but she knew the girl code and she could never let any man know that side of it. Dina was sweating and moaning and trying to push one of her tits into his mouth at the same time . The smell of pussy filled the night air .Shit, she had made the right choice. After about 20 minutes of this, they both came and Dina probably came twice. Mother Fucker, it was all the big girls said it was and more. Somewhere along the line that boy blasted Dina's cherry into the middle of next week . "Good boy," she thought. They were removing his rubber now and Dina wanted to see that little bag of white goo. She laughed and tossed it on the dirty ground. She was still naked and kissing him and gently rubbing his balls. Then she was smoking one of his cigarettes.

So Dina and her new boyfriend were getting dressed now and searching for their clothes, but Dina was minus her underwear (they never did find it) and they were going home separately but Dina knew she hadn't seen the last of him. He'd be back for more. So Dina was walking alone in the woods and she started to wonder if her parents ever tried to empty out a rubber and use it again as they were so cheap.  The thought of those her parents having sex was just to grotesque for anybody to think about, so she blocked it out . Dina started to think about the boys she spent the day with earlier, they had cigarettes and some of them had transistor radios and she didn't have a pot to piss in. If she could get her hot little hands on one of those transistor radios, she could tune in some Monkees music and those cigarettes were good. She wished she had one now. "Maybe they had cars," she thought. Her wheels were always turning.

Dina was still walking home and a cool night breeze blew up her dress, it felt good, she felt good, kind of serene. She toyed with the idea of going to school with no panties on or maybe church . At any rate, Dina was one brave little toaster. Other girls, when they went to have their cherry broke brought support teams with them, groups of girls nearby in case any thing went wrong. Not our little Dina, she walked alone into harms way and she didn't even have a knife on her,  Just that insane Monkees lunchbox. All of a sudden another flash of light and Dina was back in 1973  with the controlled burn and there she was but her local fire department's controlled burn had gone sour . Dina's bedroom floor collapsed much sooner than expected, killing one fireman and seriously injuring 2 others . Dina and her brothers and sisters were horrified as they brought the charred bodies out. What kind of madness was this anyway? Fireman playing with real fire, if your going to burn a house down, there shouldn't be anybody inside. After the investigating it was determined that the cause had something to do with what Dina's father had done to the house years earlier and the fire inspectors overlooked it.

For the rest her life Dina held herself accountable for the tragedy because she didn't report her fathers incompetence to the authorities, but I never saw it that way. Those fireman got what they had coming to them that day A real fire. To bad they couldn't handle it. Dina woke up and sat up in her bed she was shaken to the core, finally realizing it was just a bad dream and no fireman had died, they still had the farm, no fire, her parents were sleeping safe and sound and no investigation. But her cherry was popped, that really happened. it was morning so she got up and jumped in the shower. She had to wash her hair with that bar of old lifeboy soap.  The shampoo bottle had been empty for weeks. Dina had long beautiful bleach blond hair on her head, the color of her hair below her belt was a different story. The rugs didn't match the draperies. She dried her self off, put on clean clothes, grabbed her lunch box and headed for the schoolyard. She had a story to tell.  When she got there, they were all waiting for her. They were coming out of the woodwork.  There were girls there that she didn't even know, girls that were debating about getting there cherries popped. But our little drama queen Dina was no stranger to the spotlight. Now we all know they ugly story, I already told you except for little tidbit I left out,  the identity of Dina's new boyfriend, the one with the huge cock. So while Dina is talking, she is quite long winded, I will revel the boys identity. Drum roll please. Dina's new boyfriend was none other than little old me, SmartestAndy. I helped Dina with her cherry problem and pounded that big beautiful ass of hers quite a few times. Even once while she was on her period. 

Dina's story at the schoolyard must had been quite compelling because in the weeks to come there were four confirmed popped cherries. The real number may have been as high as six and an estimated thirty girls giving in to the boys for the second, third or fourth times. The whole town smelled like pussy. Love was in the air or was it lust (I always get those 2 mixed up.)  The viaduct was seeing a lot of traffic and back seats of cars were being put to good use. Boys were having a good time, even if they didn't know Dina, they should had stopped to thank her and give her a tip. She was responsible for it all. She had brought two warring tribes together, boys and girls. Dina herself was planning her "second time" but this time she was going to be on top.

Meanwhile back at the schoolyard the girls were toying with the idea of a big party. Dina was just one of the girls now. God knows she paid her price to get that far, we know. So this idea was out there and you bet your ass you couldn't keep the boys away from this thing.  Dina had a plan of stealing the boys cars when they weren't looking and going for joy rides. Now Dina's parents were as dumb as a box of rocks, but they did keep one cool thing in their house of horrors that the kids could make use of. That item was MOOMSHINE. It was among the many mason jars they kept in their root cellar that contained fruits, vegetables and even meats. Many of the mason jars contained white lighting moonshine. So Dina could bring this to the party and her friends knew how to kill the taste. Straight out of the jar you had to be the strongest of strong to sip that shit . Her fathers balls must had been made out of solid steel and her mother that's another book. Her hick friends knew how to mix it and smooth it down a lot,  make it more civilized.  Three parts moonshine, two parts ginger ale, and one part Nyquil. That was the mix. Dina was tired of walking, especially with no underwear on, so in addition to her plan to steal the boys cars, she went out and stole a bike. It was a good one, close to being brand new, State of the art for for the time.

So it was the night of the big party and we find our little Dina strapping one of her patents old tomato baskets to her bike to carry the mason jars filled with moonshine. She was off peddling to the old viaduct and making good time. She was breaking so many laws. She was transporting moonshine across a state line on a stolen bike. Moonshine in itself was illegal. The government couldn't tax it, is so they wanted to smash it. Dina was there in no time at all. She unloaded the moonshine and cut the tomato basket off her new bike, as it was an eye sore. Dina's boyfriend was there, he was mixing the moonshine, he looked handsome in the moonlight. Later in life he would serve as a professional bartender.

The party had been going for a while, there were a lot of kids there and other romances spawned that night. So it was getting to be time for Dina's little stunt. The girls started to sneak away and soon only boys were at the party, but they didn't notice. The boys were talking and drinking and smoking. They heard the cars starting and saw head lights coming on. What was happening? Those crazy bitches were stealing their cars. So they all started running toward the cars but they were too late. Dina was driving the Pontiac La Mans, pealing away and the rear wheels were spitting gravel at the boys. Another girl was driving the Oldsmobile. The stolen cars were packed with girls. Dina was giving the boys the finger as she sped off. Another girl was mooning the boys out the back window. All that was left was the white Ford and that thing was known for being slow. They boys piled as many of them as they could into but it wouldn't start. Dina had disconnected the coil wire. Two guys were riding Dina's bike and were going to give chase. Once the boys opened the hood, they saw the problem right away and the white Ford was started. The white ford spit a little gravel  and the boys were off. and racing. Further down the road Dina's stolen car was swerving all over the place, she couldn't see over the wheel. She had never figured that part of it. Inside the car, the girls were screaming and yelling and blasting the radio. They needed to get Dina up higher so she could see. Of course the Monkees lunch box. The girls were trying to shove that lunch box under Dina's ass while they were moving.

Further back on the gravel road the white Ford was starting to gain momentum. It passed Dina's bike. The boys in the car and the boys on the bike looked at each other as they passed. It was much more quiet in the white Ford and it was coming straight down the middle of the road. Meanwhile, back in Dina's car, the girls were all yelling at Dina to stop, they wanted out. She was going to kill them. Dina was sitting up on the lunch box now, but she wasn't much help, she could now see the road and that she was swerving all over it . Dina driving? What kind of madness was this? She was going to kill everybody. She had never driven a car before, only a tractor. The other girls logic made sense, even to Dina, so she made plans to stop. She skidded the car half into the ditch, it stopped and the girls all jumped out. They lit cigarettes and went running into the woods . They we're laughing and pushing each other. Dina was giving the boys the finger over the back of her head and shouting obscenities at them and they weren't even there yet. The other car load of girls had seen what Dina's car had done and it did the same thing. The radio was still blasting in Dina's car and the lights were still on. The girls were running down the path and they came to water, "hey how about some skinny dipping," she said. That would be a way to pay the boys back for any inconvenience the girls caused them with the cars. All the girls naked dripping wet bodies would sooth those boys anger when they caught up. Off came their clothes and into the water they went, but then the girls thought what if the boys were smart enough to steel their clothes? Then they would be chasing the boys naked. Some girls came out of the water and hid the all the clothes in the woods . Only Dina's famous lunch box was left sitting on the shore. Dina had to urinate, so she urinated right in the water. What a pig . The boys finally arrived and they kicked Dina's lunch box. That pissed Dina off big time and she came charging out of the water, yelling at them to give it her. She wanted that lunch box or she was going to kick them in the balls. She was naked and dripping wet. The boys wanted to know why she stole their cars. Dina told them to shut up and that it was none of their business. "If there was any thing wrong with the cars, you bunch of tools better go get you stupid wrenches and fix it," she yelled. Dina was still  demanding her lunch box back. The boys were slowly starting to realize that the water was full of naked less hostile girls. Other girls were calling to the boys, telling them to get naked, come in the water and bring cigarettes and booze. The boys were telling the girls to come out, but that wasn't going to happen. Dina was finished telling the boys off. She told them that there better not be anything wrong with her bike and that they had better fix that too. "What gave them the right to steal her bike?" she yelled.  They told her that it wasn't even really hers as she had stolen it from somebody else. Dina told them that was none of their fucking business. The boys figured they had to cool this crazy little bitch down, so they gave her the lunch box and told her they would teach her to drive, but not tonight. That calmed her down. Dina started to retreat back into the water. Another girl held Dina's lunch box above the waves while Dina went swimming underwater. This was one hell of a party and the night was young. Nobody actually said it, but the feeling was Dina's car chasing idea was really a lot of fun and it was pretty cool having her as the leader for a while.

Dina was swimming underwater and she started to wonder where her new boyfriend was. She had better locate that Casanova, he was probably making time with some other girls. If she found him with other girls, she would kick him in the balls hard. Dina wasn't the only starfish in the sea that night. Dina's boyfriend was real lucky because he was exactly where Dina thought he was, but the two girls he had been flirting with had just walked away as Dina came walking up. "Where have you been?" she asked. He had contemplated this and had a gigantic lie ready for her. He told her that he walked there and he just got there. He told her he had stayed behind to guard the moonshine concoction and that he carried the booze to the new party site. He even told her he had recruited some little kids to help him. Dina would find out though later that her boyfriend was actually the driver of the white Ford and make him pay dearly for lying to her. She didn't know it yet, but her boyfriend was a natural born wheel man. Detroit couldn't build anything he couldn't hotwire or drive.  He had been a late comer because he was part of the Oldsmobile recovery team and not the Pontiac recovery team. When the white Ford pulled up the boys jumped out to recover Dina's stolen Pontiac, but the white Ford kept on going to recover the Oldsmobile. The Oldsmobile recovery team took it back up the road first to pick up the other boys that were riding Dina's bike and then next to pick up the boys that were carrying the moonshine concoction in Dina's parents tomato basket down the side of the gravel road. As the stragglers entered the Oldsmobile they had stories of partiers still at the viaduct. Late comers to the party were waiting at the viaduct. Some of  these people had no idea the party was on the move. Also not only was the Oldsmobile carrying the booze, it now was carrying cold beer. To this day no one knows where that beer came from. Dina's boyfriend was a magician. The Oldsmobile was a fast car in its day, so up on the gravel road it was  fast and the furious. Dina believed her boyfriend's bullshit story, but told him to better get naked and get with her in the water now. He gave her a cold beer to try to cool her off. Dina's boyfriend did as he was commanded. He carried six packs of beer, cigarettes and even that famous Monkees lunch box into the water. he kept everything dry until the party was out in the water.

Dina's boyfriend did get his nuts kicked in by her, but not that night. It was getting late and the atmosphere of the party was changing again. It was time for some loving, touching and squeezing. That's what the girls were there for. Boys and girls were holding on tight to each other, French kissing and doing some heavy petting. First, second, third base, and home plate were being visited. Dina carried out her plan to be on top and came like a Russian race horse. She was up on top of him slamming away like there was no tomorrow. She was making quite a bit of noise and panting too. She came so hard, it was indescribable. After that she passed out and collapsed, then melted into a puddle of sweat, cum, booze and beer and was laying on the ground passed out. She was done. Dina's boyfriend covered her up with her clothes and took off for parts unknown. He was done with her for now.

In the following week after the big party Dina's second period began to come and it was a whopper . Now Dina had heard from the bigger girls that the drinking of cranberry juice could lessen the pain and discomfort associated a woman period, but Dina wanted no part of that. She always considered cranberry juice to be the work of the devil and the misery and general bitchiness that was caused by her period was to be shared with the rest of the world, especially the members of the opposite sex. Dina was also toying with idea of masturbation. Her weapon would be the banana seat on her new stolen bike. Dina couldn't wait anymore, she rolled the bike into the barn and wedged the back wheel between one of the barn stall doors, so that the bike would stand up straight. She then pulled off her skirt, underwear and Kotex and got up on that bike seat and proceeded to work herself over. In her mind she was thinking of Davey Jones of the Monkees not her boyfriend . Davey was better. Dina was busy banging herself against that bike seat and some of the horses in the barn were starting to take notice. They were watching her, but she new they couldn't talk . She was panting and breathing heavy, but she had to keep silent as anyone might hear her. Finally she came and she came hard, she always came hard. Now it was clean up time and wow what a mess she had made. The color of Dina's stolen bike was fire engine red and of coarse the color of the banana seat matched. Dina got a fresh Kotex from her her famous lunch box and put back on her panties and skirt. She then rolled the bike over to the garden hose where the horses got their water. Then she hosed down the whole bike and gave it a bath, in case anyone would happen by and wonder why she was only washing the seat.

In future bouts with masturbation Dina would develop more powerful fantasies in her mind. One was to be carried on the shoulders of all four of the Monkees and then to be gang banged . Also she planned to devise bigger and longer weapons to plunge deep inside herself, but that hadn't happened yet. That evening Dina went inside the house to eat supper with her family. She was looking at them sitting round the table and thinking that they weren't that bad and she loved them. She loved her new life at the schoolyard too though. After supper Dina would take a cruise to the schoolyard to shoot the bull with the other girls and smoke. Dina got the bike out of its hiding place and coasted toward the schoolyard. On the way Dina toyed with the idea of shoplifting. She wanted the good life, to be cool like the Monkees. Then her thoughts shifted, where was her numb nuts boyfriend at? She hadn't seen him in a while. When she arrived at the schoolyard there were some smaller girls that were in need counseling concerning their first periods. Dina was up to the task. She also took the opportunity to teach the young ones what a useless part of the female body that the cherry was and how it should be popped as soon as possible. The little ones had heard the tale of the big party and they wanted in on that. There were baby Dina's being born every minute. Suddenly the air was filled with the loud noise of an un muffled engine. There was a motorcycle approaching the schoolyard with two riders. The motorcycle was giving one of the other girls a ride and they were returning. Dina locked eyes with the boy driving the motorcycle and it wasn't long before her ass was on the back of that bike. Dina's arms were around his waist and it was just a short trip for her hands to make it to his dick, if she wanted. This was cool. The boy kicked that noisy son of a bitch over and they took off fast. The burst of wind and the feel of the strong acceleration, in conjunction with all the noise was super exhilarating in the night air. Dina was holding on for dear life. "This thing rocks," Dina thought. They stopped at a secluded area for a little hankie pankie and to light cigarettes. Then he road Dina back to the schoolyard. It was another girls turn.

For whatever it's worth, most readers would assume Dina was on the back of a Harley Davidson that night, but they have assumed wrong. She was actually on the back of an old beat up Norton Commando built in the fifties. That thing had been laid down in plenty of ditches and if the back seat could talk about all the pussy it was in close contact with, it would never shut up. She still had plenty of get up and go in her though. Most people coming to America today assume Harley Davidson always ruled American streets with their powerful motorcycles, but way back when they had direct competition from Norton. Norton built American motorcycles every bit as good as a Harley. Norton got kicked under the bus by Harley like the Monkees got kicked under the bus buy the Beatles, but this whole story is about losers and not winners. Hey Harley want to go back in time and drag we'll give you a run for your money

I never meet a kid that didn't like Dina . Back then she was awesome, even though that word hadn't been invented yet .She was a natural born leader. Everybody had heard the legend of Dina and her trusty lunch box. So Dina woke up and headed for the shower and started thinking what kind of trouble could she get into today? Of course, she could seduce her boyfriend with talk of taking a shower together. It was right in front of her face. "Bet he'd like that," she thought. Then she decided to do some shoplifting. The adults in town hadn't learned of Dina's newly acquired dark side yet . They would never suspect poor little Dina for all the missing merchandise. Dina really wanted a bikini. She could really give the boys an eyeful with one of those, but it would have to fit tight. Now when Dina was standing straight up and she looked straight down, she couldn't see the tips of her shoes . That is how big her tits were. Dina's breasts were adorned with the most beautiful nipples. Dina's family was actually of Swedish decent and Dina's cleavage was the softest of soft. I can't think of a more desirable area a guy would want to visit on the planet earth. Dina would steal candy, gum, coke and basically anything that wasn't cemented down. One day she smashed into one of those old cigarette machines and got 10 packs of cigarettes out of it. She also stole a set of brass knuckles in a case that she would need them to get out of trouble.

Now Dina's boyfriend was hanging around the school yard because of Dina's promise of them showering together. That would have to wait till Sunday morning though, when all of Dina's family was at church and the farmhouse was empty. She was becoming sicker and sicker, a real kleptomaniac. Dina also justified all of her thieving in her mind, on the basis that she was broke and partying cost money. She saw herself as a female Robin Hood.

Now it was Sunday morning and it was shower time. Dina was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. All she was wearing was her underwear and a mans white dress shirt. It wasn't even buttoned. Her white juicy legs were sticking out all over the place. Her family had left for church already the house was empty. He then came through the door. Their arms were around each other tight and they were French kissing . He was was pulling at what little bit of clothing Dina had on, as she was trying to walk up the stairs to the bathroom. Dina was just trying to turn the water on in the shower while her boyfriend was pulling off her underwear from the back. Then they were kissing and washing each other under the water. Then Dina's boyfriend picked her up a little bit and shoved his dick in her dripping wet pussy and started pounding her against the old porcelain tile wall underwater. Dina loved being pounded, the harder and longer the better. The only thing Dina could do was hold on. All you could hear though was her moaning through the water running and all the steam from the hot water. He was slamming her so hard she came. She just couldn't hold it any longer. Then they both came, collapsed and were holding each while other lying on the floor of the shower . The water was still running. They then laid with each other on the floor for a couple minutes. Now it was clean up time. They had to get Dina's boyfriend the fuck out of there. Dina threw a towel over her self and started helping her boyfriend put his clothes back on. Some places were still wet but he didn't care. He scampered down the stairs and out the door. He got himself out of sight as fast as possible. Dina watched him from the window. All she had to do was make the place appear as if she was the only one in the shower and of course enjoy the hot steamy satisfaction she had just experienced.

Dina stared her driving lessons she was promised at the party, but it wasn't that easy with other boys tagging along in the car shouting obscenities at her like "You stupid bitch", "What color underwear do you have on?", "What size bra do you wear?" and telling her to stop the car and blow all of them. But the Pontiac La Mans handled much better on pavement than it did on gravel. In between the boys insults and sexual suggestions were actual driving instructions and Dina was starting to get the hang of it. Dina was one tough little cookie. Most girls would had broke down and cried under that kind of pressure. Dina would just give the boys in the back seat the finger and swing at the boys in the front seat with her free arm. Once out of frustration, Dina screamed "Kiss my ass," but the boys told her to lift up here skirt and they would kiss her ass. They had no mercy on her. They were hardly taking the wheel away from her and soon she was driving just like them. Dina would one day use the driving skills she learned from them to avoid the police. Later she would be one of the few females that they ever trained to drive a stick shift. Dina was a lot of things, but a baby wasn't one of them. She would one day go on to steal a NASCAR.

In the next seen we find Dina face to face with a smaller girl at the schoolyard. The smaller girl had been crying. She was having her first period and it started when she was on the toilet and her Mom was away from home. There were no females in her house to help her and she had heard that Dina was an expert on periods.  Dina started to rub the little one on the head and told her that everything would be fine because the mighty Dina was there for her. Then the little one started to say that she wasn't sure she put the Kotex in right. So Dina lead the little one into the ladies room into a stall and told her to pick up her skirt and hold it up. Then Dina kneeled down and gently wiggled the little girls panties down and checked the pad for proper alignment and insulation. It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it. Dina looked up at the little girl and reassured her that she had done just fine and she was doing just fine. After that day Dina would take that little one under her wing. The little girl would figure out later that it was really the wing of a dragon. The little girls name was Lucy. She would later be known as Juicy Lucy.

Dina would spend the duration of Juicy Lucy's first period hanging out and comforting her at the schoolyard. There they were both of them sitting next to each other on the bottom stair of the entrance. Both of them two empty headed to realize that their periods were at the opposite ends of the month. They would never know the joy of having their periods together (Or would they?). Even though Dina was bigger and stronger than Juicy Lucy, she was confessing her boy problems to her. If those crude indelicate bunch of savages had any hopes of Dina actually carrying out the sexual acts they were blurting out in the car, they sure were going about persuading her in the wrong way. Juicy Lucy was easy on the eyes herself, so it goes without saying she had boy problems too.

Dina and Lucy were bonding making girl talk. Dina walked Juicy Lucy home and continued on her way home. As she strolled along she toyed with the idea of letting the boys actually gang bang her . That night she would masturbate herself to sleep with these thoughts. But how could she keep their mouths shut afterward. That was a big problem. It took a while but with Dina's mind being constantly in the gutter, she came up with the perfect solution. The next day the white Ford pulled up loaded with boys, the usually suspects for Dina's driving lesson. They left the driver seat open so Dina could jump in and drive, but Dina slid herself over and ordered one of the boys to drive for a while. They were riding along and it wouldn't be long until they got to the subject of gang banging Dina. But this time Dina interjected with "let's go to the viaduct and do it." The mood in the car quickly changed to excitement and anxiety with quickly growing hard dicks. The car started to move faster and faster into the direction of the viaduct. They had to get Dina up there before she changed her mind. She was going to take them all on. This was so cool to the boys. Finally the Ford came to a screeching halt at the viaduct and they were all tearing at her clothes at once. Dina was just sitting there laughing saying "you filthy animals are acting like you never saw a woman before." Dina had to pick up her fat ass so they could get her skirt up over head. Her shirt and bra were no problem. Some boys were pulling her shoes off and now she was completely naked  and one hard dick was in her mouth. Other boys were putting there fingers in her pussy as it was soaking wet. She was just as excited as they were. Then another dick found it's way into Dina's pussy and she was really getting pounded. Dina loved it. She had to push that dick out of her mouth long enough to lay down her demands. She told the boys if they didn't keep their mouths shut about the gang bang there would be no next time and maybe next time and maybe she would bring Juicy Lucy. The boys would love to tell this story but gang banging Dina was more fun than barrel of monkeys. Dina was being passed to the back seat now and she still had plenty of work in front of her, but this is the kind of work Dina loved to do. One of those hard dicks made Dina get off, so she was Happy. Dina made short work of the back seat then once again it was clean up time. Dina kept repeating the part about them keeping quite about this. One of those guys had really fucked the piss out of Dina that day. She was able to kick back on him. But on average they all did pretty good.

After the gang bang some witnesses said they saw a small puff of smoke shoot out of Dina's pussy after one of the boys pulled out of her. A couple days later Dina and her boyfriend were laying under an ancient station wagon at a neighboring farm . Her boyfriend is trying to fix the car for the old lady lady and her 19 children that live there, so that the old lady can drive the family to Church on Sunday. Dina is there playing the part of the faithful assistant to her boyfriend, while she is also desperately trying to seduce him at the the same time. Dina would also play the part of her boyfriend's possible future spouse in front of the Church lady. When her boyfriend would crawl out from under the car all greasy and dirty, it turned Dina on. She never saw him in this state before and she liked it. Dina's boyfriend told the lady that he thought he fixed it and it would start now. He told Dina to get in and try to start it. It started and he told her to test drive it around the farm .  Dina crazily drove the car in a circle as she was told. The old church lady saw her car moving and she was very happy. It had been sitting there for years. The two of them came to the porch to talk to the church lady. The lady gave them a little bit of money and a couple packs of cigarettes from her carton. She gave them some food and told them that if they ever needed anything to come back and if she had it, she would give it to them  and to praise God and so on and so forth. The church also needed that lady there on Sunday as she was a driving force for their collection plate. Dina's boyfriend wanted to get out of there before they became part of some full blown bible study or prayer session. He wanted to get Dina up to the viaduct as she had been driving him crazy all afternoon with her body language. The Church drove them a ways down the gravel road so they didn't have to walk. Dina and her boyfriend assured the Church Lady they were headed into town to see the showwith the money they had.  This was true but they were going to make a little pit stop at the viaduct first.  Dina, her boyfriend,  the Church lady and all her 19 kids were jammed into that car zooming down the gravel road in the station wagon and they were near the turn off in no time. The wagon stopped to let Dina and her boyfriend out. Little did the church lady know Bonnie and Clyde had just fixed her car. It was just a hop skip and a jump to the viaduct from there. When they got to the viaduct and Dina's boyfriend was removing her panties. OH MY GOD SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS !  Dina was on her period. Was she retarded or something? She lead him up there and she was right in the middle of a blood gushing period and on top of that she wanted him dirty to stay dirty.

There was no going back now. The both of of them were too horny. They had saw a dirty picture of a man and women having sex doggie style and this was part of Dina's seduction of the day. She thought this could be useful in her future gang bangs with the other boys. Dina's boyfriend had no knowledge of Dina's secret gang bangs . Those boys were all sworn to secrecy. Dina and her boyfriend went at it anyway, with all the blood and the grease and oil from the car. At one point Dina had her boyfriends dick in her mouth coated with her blood, her pussy juice and leaking come . What a pig she was. Then Dina turned over and got up on all fours like the picture. She then got him in her from behind and they were pounding away that way. Her big ass was up in the air. Dina came doggie style and so did he. Then they headed to the water to take a swim and get cleaned up. Dina had taken some mason jars from the root cellar of the church lady's farm, but these mason jars were not filled with moonshine but filled with wine. A lot of farmers made wine. She figured the lady owed them anyway was how Dina justified her stealing. They sipped the cool wine, lay by the shore and smoked.

The next day Dina was at the schoolyard and her other boyfriends(all 6 of them) were coming to pay her a visit to collect on her promise to let them gang bang her again this time with Juicy Lucy. The boys were threatening to tell everyone the story of the first gang bang if she did not go through with it. Juicy Lucy was sitting right next to Dina silently taking all this in. Now Lucy worshiped the ground Dina walked on, she would walk on hot coals just to be friends with Dina. Lucy would follow Dina through the gates of hell and that is pretty much where the both of them were headed. Dina stared at the boys for a long time and then told them to show up at the viaduct at midnight and Juicy Lucy and her would be there naked. Poor little Juicy Lucy, she still had her cherry and it was going to be popped at one of Dina's perverted gang bangs, how romantic. Dina and Lucy went to the viaduct way early because they knew the boys would be anxious to get this thing started. They stripped down and the boys showed up at about 11:30. Soon the boys were surrounding them and arguing over who would get Juicy Lucy's cherry. Meanwhile Dina was forcing one of the boys to eat her out. The boys had to take it easy on Juicy Lucy's mouth as she wasn't as rugged as Dina. Dina blew one of the guys so hard that he couldn't hold it anymore and he came in her mouth. Dina just spit it out and laughed. The boys were working on Juicy Lucy and they made her come also. Being a virgin there was also a ton of blood. Dina tried out her new doggie style position and it worked like gangbusters. Lucy just watched in awe!!

The big orgy was winding down and soon to be over. Dina was planning the next one already in her mind, but next time she wanted to do the boys solo. Female orgasms at a gang bang was a little weird, little did she know that Juicy Lucy was thinking the exact same thing. Dina was walking home now by herself, the boys gave Juicy Lucy a ride back and Dina started to wonder where her boyfriend was. Where the hell did he go? The fact of the matter was that her boyfriend had another circle of friends in the big city. That's where he was born. He wasn't a natural born hick like her and Lucy. That's why he shined so bright. He was always 10 jumps ahead of those hicks and one step ahead of the jailor. He would hitch hike 55 miles into the city to be with his friends there then party all night with them at tan empty parent's house and come back. But ironically on this return trip, he was bringing back something new to Dina. Kicking things up a notch so to speak, he was bringing back Dope.

Dina's boyfriend had brought back Panama Red and some Bromo-Dragonfly. He also brought some Purple Microdot all the the way from the big city. Dina, her boyfriend and Juicy Lucy were sitting in the white Ford smoking a joint. Now the white Ford had already started to reek from pussy (they didn't call her Juicy Lucy for nothing)and cigarette smoke, but now there was a new aroma being added, the aroma of Panama Red. Soon the insides of the white Ford would stink to high heaven. The Little Trees car air fresheners hadn't been invented yet.. The three of them were high as a kite and talking about some really stupid shit. Then all three of them became extremely horny at the same time. They had to pick up a mate for Lucy. Dina already Knew she couldn't leave Juicy and her boyfriend alone together for any period of time. They had no problem finding someone to fill the empty space next to her in the back seat. The white Ford was headed to the viaduct once again while Dina was rolling another joint.

Now Juicy was really buzzed. She was talking about finding a little baby Kotex to put on her Barbie doll because her Barbie doll at home was telling her that it was having its period. Then her Barbie doll was singing to her and Juicy was singing also. What region of the Twilight Zone was this coming from? Meanwhile Dina was getting a head start. She was playing with her boyfriend's cock while he was driving to the viaduct. When they got to the viaduct, Lucy and her boyfriend were really something to watch. They had all known sex before but drug enhanced sex was something new. Lucy and her boyfriend were into some heavy heavy petting, French kissing, and rolling around that back seat squeezing each other before some massive fucking. . This was a lot different than Dina's stone cold sober barbaric gang bangs, with everybody clawing at her . This was much more civilized. Dina and her boyfriend started to engage in the same type of activity as Lucy and her boyfriend. All the while Dina's boyfriend was having thoughts of doing a secret fuck session with Lucy. Dina was thinking about the big city,  If this is what goes on there, she wanted to go there. Dina liked Panama Red.

We are all prisoners of the past and Dina was no different. We are all just monkeys with car keys. Dina and her brothers and sisters realized at an early age that they were children of the damned. Their only shot at any happiness would come from self medicated processes with booze and powerful street drugs. Most readers would assume that Dina's blood was red but they are wrong. Dina's blood is in fact blue. She is of a royal blood line. NOT!  Dina is your common garden variety horse thief. Her blood is red. Dina wanted to get to the big city, but how? She toyed with the idea of borrowing the Church lady's station wagon. If the church lady would have known what Dina and the other kids were really like, she would had called upon God to strike them down with lightening.

They didn't have to swipe the church lady's car after all. They could simply ride the white Ford into the city. Dina's boyfriend's fellow gang members were so fucked up on the acid that Dina's boyfriend had brought back from the city they would never miss the car. Soon the nose of the white Ford was headed south toward the big city with Dina, her boyfriend and Juicy Lucy inside. Those 3 were becoming like 3 coins in a fountain. When they got to the city Dina and Lucy were amazed by all the graffiti and bullet holes they saw. A kid whipped a rock at the white Ford as they were going down some city street. This set Dina off. She was demanding her boyfriend stop the car so that they could pick up rocks and return fire. Dina's boyfriend explained to her that's just the way it is down here. Soon they were at there destination, but the drug dealers wanted cash for the marijuana. They could only give out acid on consignment. Then the drug dealers noticed Lucy in the back seat and said they would trade Panama Red for a blow job from Juicy Lucy, but she had to be naked when she did it. Poor little Lucy wound up in some dark haul away in the city with out her cloths on and her mouth getting pounded. The drug dealers were playing with her ass and they were high and kind of perverted. They asked Lucy if they could spank her too . Lucy submitted to them, but she could have charged extra for that, but she didn't.

The  next day we Dina and Juicy Lucy were sitting at the schoolyard and up came the boys that were routinely gang banging the both of them, with there usual demands. This time Dina told them to go out an tell their story of the gang bangs of Lucy and her. She would tell the grown ups in town that the boys forced them to do it and that they were raped. She would also tell the sheriff the same story. Needless to say all gang bangs and stories of gang bangs came to a screeching halt that day. Dina was one treacherous little bitch. She had planed the end of the gang bangs before she planned the beginnings of them. Dina was moving her little future prostitution ring to the big city by train. Even though she never got out of the car the whole trip, her window was open and she got a taste of the glimmer of the big city.

Next Dina, Juicy Lucy, and Ruth hitched a ride to the nearby train station. They boarded a southbound train heading for the city. They each were as high as a kite. Now Ruth had the most beautiful black hair on her pussy. It was so thick and curly it would make you start drooling to look at it. It was as black as the ace of spades. It contrasted with her silky white naked body very beautifully. She was really quite lovely when naked. Meanwhile Dina's thoughts were thinking what a dumbbell her boyfriend was and why did he struggle hitch hiking all that way when he could have just taken the train. Now I'd planed to describe Juicy Lucy's thoughts, as she described them to me, at this point, but it would probably bring too much of an outcry from my female patrons. So I'll leave that out till later. They passed another train speeding in the opposite direction of there train and it came really close to their window. The girls started to freak out because they were still very high. Soon they were walking together in the city and they came across a body laying in a gangway. They thought he was dead, but after more investigation, it turned out he was only drunk, just some bum. They went window shopping and found some cool stores that sold records, incense, pipes, rolling papers and general hippie junk. The store had the aroma of burning incense and loud rock and roll music playing. Dina was leading them into quite a cool vacation. They ate lunch at McDonalds. They all had the munchies after smoking all that dope. They had candy, chips and pop also and they were making girl talk. Then they started to head to the place where the drug dealers hung out, but they were moving kind of slow. The drugs had made the girls serene. When they got there they met a kid that told the girls that the drug dealers were at the beach, but not to worry because they could take the bus there or he had a clunker and he would drive them. It wasn't very far. The young boy was a drug dealer wannabe and was really quite cute. It was obvious he wanted to get into one of the girls pants, but that would come later. The girls jumped into the car with him. and smoked another joint on the way. The girls got dropped of by the beach and the boy told them that the drug dealers would be by the south pier. The beach in itself was really an eye opening experience for them. The scenery of the rocks, the white sand and the beautiful blue water with the bright sun beating down on it was amazing. It was 85 degrees that day and there was the crashing waves under the blue sky. There were millions of cute guys everywhere and there were girls in bikini's. There was also the sweet smell of suntan lotion . There was music coming from radios, sand castles, and dogs and cats running around. There were Frisbees flying though the air and dogs Trying to catch them, which is funny to watch when your high. There was a lot of cool shit going on. Dina, Ruth and Lucy exchanged a lot of looks as they walked along with the good looking young people like themselves. Dina thought they would get bikinis somehow and come back here for sure. She wanted to lay on that white sand and sizzle in the sun, like the city girls were doing. The girls took there shoes off and walked in the cool water.

I myself stumbled onto the south pier completely by accident while walking along the beach. I thought to myself, "What in the Blue Blazes is this? What the fuck is going on here?" The south pier is loaded with girls of all shapes and sizes. Some are sitting and some are standing with almost all of them in bathing suites. I would learn later, much latter, that the girls were waiting for expensive high powered speed boats to pull up so they can jump in. The boats are loaded with cocaine and other drugs. The girls exchange sex or just there company for some coke to snort. The rest of what goes on in the boats I don't know, as I've never been on one. Dina, Lucy and Ruth were finally getting to the south pier now and they located the drug dealers. Of course, the dealers remembered Dina and pounding Lucy's mouth. They saw Ruth and were all wondering who the new fox they had with them was. Dina introduced Ruth to them and they all started drooling. Dina was eager to talk business, but they laughed and told her to chill out. They told her that they had moved there operation down here and that they had access to a panel van that was nearby where Dina could base here new prostitution ring. They also told her they had coolers filled with beer and pop. The pop was for making mixed drinks and they would soon be grilling up some chicken wings for munchies. They also had cigarettes, money and of course drugs as they were drug dealers. In other words they had all their bases covered. Welcome to Paradise. They would contact a girl named Jane about the Bikini problem because they didn't know much about women's clothing. Now Jane was some sleazy burn out hippie chick that the drug dealers would pass around. But it was really cool to know her. The bathing suit stores on the beach were way too expensive, but there was a Kmart close by. This was Jane's department. Now bikinis are the skimpiest of human clothing but some reason they don't come cheap.

The drug dealers came to strike a deal with Dina. Dina wanted 4 fingers of pot and her and her friends would do anything the dealers wanted in the panel van, including spanking, to get it. This was acceptable to the drug dealers. Then Jane pulled up in an old red T-Bird, but the cool thing about it was it had a drop top and the top was dropped. Jane had some of her old bikinis in the trunk for the girls to try on, if the girls didn't like them then she'd drive them to Kmart or whatever they wanted. Jane was wearing a bikini herself. I always liked Jane; she was older but loose and cool. Now everyone was headed for the panel van and Jane was going too. Inside the van, after the drug dealers had undressed all the women, they made Dina get down on her knees and made her take one dick in her mouth and another dick in her hand to stroke. The drug dealers were remarking what a bad little girl Dina was. Dina stopped sucking long enough to say "if I am so bad, why don't you spank me." But the drug dealers had a different perversion in mind. They wanted Ruth and Juicy Lucy to spank Dina. The girls carried out this weird scenario, and then Dina got back to doing some heavy sucking. Ruth and Jane were lying on their backs with drug dealer after drug dealer entering their pussies and they had Lucy sucking away too. Now Dina moved to be on top of the kingpin drug dealer. She was moaning and screaming and they both came at the same time. The other drug dealers weren't quite finished with Dina though; they bent her over and were entering her from behind. They did the same thing to Lucy. There was a stereo system in the back of the van and some loud music was blasting. All good things must come to an end and the last drug dealer was coming now and all the women came two or three times already. The drug dealers had one final thing to do to Dina. They told her that they were really undercover cops and she was under arrest for prostitution charges. There was long silence then the drug dealers started laughing so hard that you would have thought that their sides were going to split. Dina realized it was just a joke. Those bastards had just got done fucking the living piss out her and then they did that, she was furious. The girls then popped on the bikinis and were going to make a quick Trip to Kmart before boarding one of the cocaine boats. This was all part of Jane's agenda. Jane would have a much easier time getting into a cocaine boat with these three foxes, than she would all by herself. She really wanted to snort some of that expensive nose candy. The T-Bird roared off in the direction of Kmart. Ruth and Dina were sitting in the back but not on the back seat. They were sitting up on the trunk and their feet were on the back seat. They had to get a bikini for Ruth. Sorry, but the thought of Ruth in the bikini is giving me a boner as I write this. Don't tell Dina but I always secretly had a thing for Ruth. I always had a roaming eye. The grass was always greener on the other side of the fence for me.

That night the girls caught a cocaine boat and didn't get back until about 3AM. Some slept under the pier and some slept in the van, but they all slept late. The next day Dina and Ruth were laying on the beach in the bright sun. They were a million miles from that hellish town were they lived or maybe used to live. For Dina her dream of laying in the sand in a bikini was now a reality. They were as high as a kite, this was the life. Juicy Lucy was giving one of the drug dealers a second go around in the van. They were developing a real thing for each other. The girls didn't know it but I was there also. I followed them down on a later train. My gang members back in town were totally miserable, because Dina had fucked them around so badly. There was not to much they could do about it. I learned that Dina had went to the city on the train from other guys. Then a light bulb went on in my head (The Train). How could I be so stupid, always hitch hiking all that way into the city. I almost even had gotten killed one time doing that. That's why the train ride was a humiliating experience for me. Yes, I was on the beach, way on the other side and I had been watching the girls from a distance. They never saw me. Then I spotted Jane. I knew her, as I had slept with her before. I made my way to Jane's garden studio apartment and waited there for her. At first she was surprised to see me, but then she knew what I wanted. She turned and shook her head and let me inside. I was in her pants in no time. She didn't try to stop me. I laid on top of her on the couch and pounded her for a long time. She held me tight afterward. I wish Jane's laid back manor and her "Why should I give a Fuck" attitude was contagious but it wasn't. I wasn't like that. I was always on the go and a bundle of nerves. Only dope and booze could calm me. We snorted the coke I had brought for her and guzzled some beers. When I left I wished she wasn't the whore that she was. Then my thoughts shifted to Ruth.

Jane and I parted company. Jane followed her own agenda and walked to a nearby bar. As faith would have it, a traveling motorcycle gang pulled up at just about the same time. She was the only piece of ass in the vicinity, so they bought her some drinks but put roofies in them. After the roofies kicked in, they abducted Jane and took her to their clubhouse and proceeded to gang bang the daylights out of her. Even though Jane was drugged against her will and already fucked up before she got to the bar, she loved ever minute of it. So many different filthy guys fucked Jane that night, it was hard to keep track of it all. When they were all done with her they dropped her in the gutter in front of her apartment building. One of the filthy bikers had crabs. Jane now had crabs and for some unknown reason her period was starting at the same time. When Jane woke up she staggered back into here apartment and threw up on a Kotex, but the crabs were climbing all over her beautiful white body. She was still pretty high and squirming around on the floor. some of the crabs made there way down to her bloody pussy and were covered in blood. Their little feet left little trails all over her body as they raced around her. Once the fully naked Jane looked at herself in the mirror she started to scream. She collapsed on the floor and reached for the phone and dialed the drug dealers at the south pier. After her ranting and raving the drug dealers immediately dispatched a car speeding toward Jane's apartment, another would soon follow. When the drug dealers entered her apartment their reaction to Jane's appearance was indescribable. There was tiny bloody foot prints all over her. Keep in mind they were all high. It took a while but they figured out What was wrong with her and they knew they needed kerosene to fix the problem. One of them raced to a hardware store and returned with gallons and gallons of kerosene. They threw the naked slut in the bathtub and proceed to drench the crabs with kerosene . Those little buggers can be hard to kill. The little bloody bastards were running all over the place They didn't want to die. They ran into her hair on her head and the drug dealers had to follow with the kerosene bath. finally they killed them all, then they had to wash Jane with water. They rolled the naked Jane up in a blanket and grabbed some soap and drove back to the south pier. They would submerse her in the water there and apply a lot soap to her and finish the Job at the the south pier. They were guys though and they had forgotten one important thing, some Kotex, Jane was on her period.

The south pier drug dealers dispatched yet another car to Jane's apartment, but this one was loaded with the 3 Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Dina, Ruth and Juicy Lucy. The drug dealers were sticklers for not leaving any evidence to anything and they did and wanted that apartment cleaned right away! That's where the girls come in. You can imagine the smell in that apartment. Kerosene, blood, pussy juice and one of the drug deals had puked, the whole thing was so gross. Dina cleaned up the whole mess by herself the other 2  raided Jane's fridge and played her stereo in the living room.  Dina was wearing long black rubber gloves and an apron over her bikini. For some unknown reason she was also wearing a pair of Jane's high heels. Dina piled up all the dead bloody crabs and then flushed them down the toilet. The drug dealer's were right the only good  crab was a dead one. Dina scrubbed everything down then lit incense to kill the smell. Dina grabbed some fresh Kotex and clean clothes for Jane and they headed back. Jane lay in the back of the van rolled up in a clean blanket naked underneath. Dina popped a fresh clean Kotex into Jane's pussy and squeezed Jane into a pair of here skin tight designer jeans. She put a bikini top on her tits. Dina then combed Jane's long flowing hair and put a fresh coat of makeup on her. One final touch, Dina placed a pair of brand new mirror sunglasses over her eyes. Dina had gotten the shades with her five finger discount. She ripped them off. Now we got our little hippy girl back and she was good as new. Dina took Jane to a nearby outdoor cafe and got her an omelet. They had to get some food into her and no booze or drugs for this one for awhile. Drug dealers orders. Drug dealers were passing out now that they had a bad horrifying night. They scrubbed every square inch of that woman's body and shampooed her hair two or three times. The bad thing was the story was starting to hit the south pier. The south pier had a nasty grapevine. As the story went round and round and round It changed. Some people were reporting that Jane still had crabs and she had a dead biker in her bathtub in her apartment. Jane's rep was not that good to begin with, but now guys would run from her like if they saw a shark in the shallow water. Jane could no longer peddle her pussy at the south pier. Dina had a solution. They would all take a north bound train back to Dina's home town. Nobody knew Jane there. Yea that'll work.

Bet you won't see this on Miami Vice. I lay on the beach myself dreaming. Dreaming I would one day be captain of a cocaine boat . I would be a mighty sailing man just like Gilligan, but my boat would be different. It would have oars and no motor. Who would suspect a row boat of carrying cocaine. I would make Dina row at gun point. I would make her row us all the way to Mexico. Then I would handcuff her to the boat and skate board right though the front doors of the nearest whorehouse. I woke up suddenly, there was no boat, no gun, no cocaine, no whorehouse. Dina was sleeping on me. I thought is she ever going to take this bikini off. Is the fucking thing welded  on her.  She's been living in it for a week now.

Jane was down by the south pier and people were starting to stare at her. It was about the exaggerated crab story. Then some people were laughing at her and some started to point at her. Jane started to cry. We had to get her out of there. The drug dealers loaded everyone into a muscle car. That would be the all the girls, me and Lucy's new drug dealer boyfriend. You couldn't pry those two apart with a crow bar. Dina was grabbing everything before she left. She even had me carrying the unused kerosene. What on Gods green earth were we going to due with that? The last thing I loaded was Dina's Lunch box. That was Dina's motto, "Have Lunch Box will Travel". The Three Cheeseburgers plus one were now leaving paradise. If that was paradise, then hell didn't look so bad. We were off, riding toward the train station, then Jane started to come out of it. She had been dazed and confused for a while now, walking around like a zombie. Jane asked why we were taking the train when we could just drive her  Thunderbird up there. One quick turn and we were transferring cars in no time. We were now riding in the T-bird but the top was up, Jane was driving. She was the only one of us that had a license and of course Dina's big fat mouth was open. She wanted revenge on that motorcycle gang and blah blah blah and so on and so forth. I told her to  shut the fuck up. I said that the bikers were probably so fucked up they didn't even know they had crabs and at any rate they were probably giving themselves and each other kerosene baths as we spoke. Everyone laughed or smiled at that thought, especially Jane. The mood in the car lightened up a little. Jane cranked up the radio. Dina and I were in the back seat, we poured open all the marijuana bags we had on the top of the lunchbox and were separating the marijuana seeds from the leaves. We were putting all the seeds in a separate bag that we would plant when we got home to start our own home grown  business. Marijuana was basically just a weed and a weed is the easiest plant to grow. Hell we were all farmers.

Lucy and her boyfriend were playing with each other as usual. Dina rolled a joint, fired it up and passed it to Jane first . We all laughed and plotted. Jane would go back, just not right now. The girls would dye her hair a different color and she would return to the south pier with a different first name like Kelly or something. We all started calling her Kelly. Dina was doing a good deed, she wasn't all bad. Meanwhile back at the schoolyard a steady flow of crystal meth had stared to appear. It was coming from some other source not the south pier. Dina was making me go down and eat her out more and more often now. I knew it was in just a matter of time before she would be forcing me down there when she was on her period. I devised my own counter plan. I would be drunk when she made me do it. When Dina got back to the schoolyard she quickly reinstated her gang bang sessions with her old friends. They were happy about that. They carried her to the car, threw her inside and had her naked long before they reached the viaduct. They had her on the top, on the bottom ,and in the middle. They really tore into her. They tried to make her swallow.

Dina had also brought something new from the city with her, the spanking perversion need to be added to the gang bangs. Dina was hiding Jane at her house while I was hiding Lucy's new boyfriend At mine. For some unknown reason, he wanted to go back to the city really bad. I didn't see a problem with it at the time, so I took Jane's T-Bird and drove him to the train station. He told he would come back on Friday. I didn't think much of it until Lucy found out that he was gone and all hell broke lose. Lucy was badgering the living hell out of me. I told her that he would return on Friday. In my head I thought "Lucy your laying down for him he'll be back with bells on", but I couldn't say that. Juicy was freaking out on me, her shorts were stained with pussy juice, and I told her if he didn't come back we would go to the city and hunt him down. She started to cry. Love, who really understands it anyway. I told her we would ride Dina's bike to the train station, if necessary and we would locate him come hell or high water. Then a stroke of luck. I got through to him on the phone. My parents weren't home and they had a telephone, one of the only ones in town. I handed the receiver over to Juicy. I backed off and let them talk, but another problem arose. She wouldn't turn lose of that receiver for quite some time. To this day my parents remind me of how much the phone bill cost them that day. To me it was worth it, money well spent.

Lucy’s boyfriend came back on Friday and he wasn't empty handed. He was driving a stolen Chevy Nova that he gave to me. He had pot and crack and a ring for Lucy. It wasn't an engagement ring, it was more like a friendship ring, but Juicy didn't know the difference. I was building a pipe line to the south pier. Next time Lucy would go with him to the city, like a little ball and chain. I quickly painted the Nova a different color and modified it to make it look different. It would never return to the city from where it was stolen.
Jane was staying at Dina's house and Dina's parents were asking her stupid questions. One was if (Jane) was the blessed Virgin Mary and did she come down from Heaven? Another was where was her Son Jesus? This blew Jane's mind. We knew enough to steer clear of those two nut balls, especially when we were high. I set up my own private shooting gallery in the woods and would shoot pumpkins and goats with my grandfathers 38 Special.

Dina planted our marijuana seeds in the woods and the plants were starting to come up already. She forced me to eat her out when she was on her period. I would learn years later from a gypsy fortune teller who saw my past in a crystal ball, that the consumption of a woman's discharge period blood can bring a man special powers. Did the old Gypsy woman expect me to go down on her too? This is getting gross. A few nights latter I had a nightmare. I saw the future, Dina was working in a mortuary, she was draining blood out of dead bodies. She was draining the blood into open buckets. There was tissue and bone And clots in the buckets, so it was like a thick soup. Dina Was wearing those long black rubber gloves, a white robe and was naked underneath. The white robe was splattered with blood. Dina opened her robe, climbed onto one of the corpses on the table and started to masturbate herself on him. Then I woke up and sat up in bed screaming.

Dina and I had to make a quick trip into the city. They were selling the crystal meth at the school yard so cheap and it was so plentiful that we were able to resell it at the south pier for a huge profit. Dina would deal a drug even if she only made a quarter on it. We were driving Jane's thunderbird and it was late at night. We were the only car on the road and really traveling at a high rate of speed when I told Dina we were going bury the speedometer. I put my foot to the floor and the T-Bird continued to climb. We were now at 95 miles per hour and climbing, my hands held the wheel tighter and my eyes were glued to the open road in front of us. Any obstruction in the road or a blowout would send Dina and I straight to hell. Reaching 110 miles per hour and still climbing, Dina was scared and with good reason, At 115 miles per hour she wanted to slow down. She was holding onto my arm and watching the speedometer, We came this far no turning black now. We were going for broke. We would Bury this fucking speedometer or die trying. I puffed the cigarette in my mouth more intensely. We were at 120 miles per hour. The thunderbird started to buck, she couldn't go any faster. I pulled my foot completely of the gas pedal, we slowed down and we started to come out of it. I scared the shit out of Dina that night and she didn't scare easily. We earned the checkered flag that night . Most cars never see top speed, but that one did.

God Damn it I used to have guts. I guess as the years go by you lose them. That took guts to do something like that. Why look down the barrel of a gun when we didn't have to? Dina was sucking two other guys cocks and mine. She was doing her routine gang bangs, what a whore! If she was what the world called normal, then stop the normal, then stop the world I want to get off. I picked up Jane with the newly acquired stolen Chevy Nova. We went to the show and saw a really cool movie. We ate dinner at McDonalds and talked a lot. Our personalities mingled. Sure we would end up in the back seat of the Nova, but kissing in the front seat like the old days was cool too. Ruth had run off to join the convent and repent for her sins that she had committed at the South pier. To each their own. the only bad thing about that was when Ruth ran off like that, she took that beautiful black hair that was on her pussy with her.

In the town where Dina and I grew up there is a tree with a heart carved into the bark and our initials are carved into it. Lucy and her boyfriend have a matching heart with their initials. Both hearts are still there. I recently walked up to that tree and spit on it. I want to get a chain saw and cut that mother fucker down and put in the fireplace where it belongs. Juicy was the talk of the town everybody in town was reporting that she missed her period and was pregnant. Back then in our town, we had never left the dark ages so that meant a shot gun wedding was in order. But the farmers in our town no longer had those old side by side double barrel shot guns. They had 12 gauge pumps. Lucy's boyfriend made a run for it, he enlisted in the Navy. It was all just a big false alarm as Juicy's period came, she wasn't pregnant. Lucy celebrated her new found freedom with Dina at a gang bang. Lucy's  bloody Kotex and her underwear went flying twenty feet into the air, as those horny guys undressed her. They didn't care if she was on her period. They fucked the living daylights out of her.

I guess you had to walk a mile in Dina and Lucy's shoes. I'm sitting here judging them and I was doing the same shit as they were when they weren't around. That is the definition of a hypocrite. I should had never spit on that tree, that was bad, but it sure was fun. I got a letter from Lucy's boyfriend. His boat was anchored offshore in Vietnam. He was inquiring in the letter if the baby was a boy or a girl? I wrote him back but dodged that question. I  told him he should come back and everything would be OK. I told him I was coming out there to join him and asked him if he thought the army was crazy enough to put a AK-47 in my hands, because I wanted to kill gooks too. I told him that I heard there was some good whore houses in Saigon. He should visit them and bring back two Vietnamese whores when he comes back, One for him and one for me because Dina and Lucy would probably be dead or behind bars by the time he got back to the states. I gave his letter to Lucy. In exchange she gave me some bad news too. She said she heard Ruth was dead.

I quickly uncovered the stolen Chevy Nova from its hiding place and started to speed toward the convent. Jane was further up the road, she was trying to walk to the convent. I stopped to pick her up and saw that Jane was crying. Lucy had told her that Ruth was dead. We continued heading for the convent, but we couldn't find it. some farmer told us where it was. When we got to the Convent, the nuns told us Ruth was still alive, she  had tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists. When they found her they took her to the hospitable in their crappy old bus. Fucking Juicy was full of surprises this month. First she tells everyone she's pregnant when she's not, then she tells everyone Ruth is dead when she's not. I think she had been hanging around Dina too much and it was starting to rub off. How smart could Dina be, look at her parents. We took of from the convent and headed for the hospital, but we were leaving heavy. We had some extra baggage, a nun sitting in the back seat. Now we had a nun in a stolen car. I am sure we would be crossing a state line soon and that would lead to more jail time if we got caught. The nun was at ease with the free ride she was getting, as she was only concerned with Ruth. We made to the hospital without any interference, only to find Dina had beat us there. How the Hell was Dina there before we were? She must have given some helicopter pilot one hell of a blow job for that one. Lucy was there too and even Dina's parents were pulling up.

Holy Shit! Why did Ruth want to Ice herself? That is one hell of a question. At any rate, if she survived she would be examined by shrinks till the cows came in. The nuns were blaming themselves, Dina was blaming herself, I was blaming myself and the whole town was there to soak up some of the guilt. There was nothing anybody could do until the doctors came out and let us in to see either Ruth or her corpse. This whole event made me want to go backwards to the time when the only problem was Dina not getting the lunchbox she really wanted. There is an old saying at it goes like this: "Be careful of what you want you as just might get it." Most readers know very little about Ruth except for the fact that she has beautiful black hair on her pussy, but there is more to all of us than outward appearance obviously. The church lady with the station wagon was in the waiting room now and her kids were swarming all over the place. They were playing with the candy machine.

Those kids had a one track mind, orange pop. They wanted orange pop. We waited and then we waited some more. You would think with all that time Dina's Parents would figure out a way to start some crazy commotion and embarrass Dina but those stupid hicks behaved themselves rather well sitting together in total silence. Maybe Dina could take them out in public. We should have followed Ruth to the Convent and talked her out of it. We could have loaded her up on Meth. She didn't have to participate in Dina's gang bangs. No one else knew what happened at the south pier. What happened at the South Pier stayed at the South Pier. She could have dated boys one at a time like a normal girl, if she wanted, but it was too late now. We were all to worried about our own agenda to care about what was happening inside Ruth till now. There was a TV in the waiting room and the theme song to Gilligan's Island came on. "Just sit right back and you'll here a tale, a tale of a tiny ship. That stared is the tropic port" and so on and so forth. I took the advise from the song and sat back and started to doze off and started to dream.

I was awoken abruptly. I was dreaming so peacefully about fucking Maryanne from Gilligan's Island (she was a good looking actress) but it was the doctors charging into the waiting room announcing SHE LIVES! RUTH LIVES!!!! But Ruth wanted to have Dina come in first alone before everybody else. Why did Ruth want the biggest whore on earth to come in first? Ruth told Dina that her failed suicide attempt was not Dina's fault, but the fault of the nuns at the convent. When she came there and told them the tale of the south pier gang bangs that Ruth was involved in, they kept asking her if the men sodomized her. Ruth didn't know what that meant. The nuns had to spell it out for her and she told then no, dicks were only in her pussy and her mouth. Those sex starved nuns were overly inquisitive about the gang bangs at the south pier. The nuns were not sympathetic about the south pier, they told Ruth that her sins were unforgivable and she could never become a nun because she was not a chaste Virgin like them and the best they could do for her was purgatory. For that she had to kneel on a three sided ruler in front of a statue of the blessed virgin for thirty minuets first . Ruth was starting to realize that she was making a big mistake. That night Ruth couldn't sleep in her room so she got up and started wandering around the convent. She accidentally opened the wrong door and what did she see? What did she witness? One raggedy old nun was performing oral sex on another raggedy old nun, both of them naked. FUCKING GROSS. This totally freaked Ruth out. What hypocrites. They spent all day judging her for having sex with men and now they were having sex with each other? She went back to her room and got the knife. She had seen enough of this world to know she didn't belong here.

Everybody was rushing into Ruth's room now . The little kids thought there was orange pop in there. I quickly seized the opportunity to get some revenge. I got a can of black spray paint and found the nuns bus out in the parking lot and placed a little graffiti on it for them. On one side I spray painted in large black letters "God Is Dead". On the other side a Swastika. Meanwhile upstairs a light bulb had come on in Dina's head. Of course, Purgatory. She could go to Purgatory and escape the fires of hell that surely awaited her there. She would drag Juicy Lucy with her to Purgatory. This is all that Dina had gotten from her earlier meeting with Ruth . Something for herself, not that she was off the hook. Later Dina had created her own religion based on the thing that she was headed tor Purgatory for. This whole thing caused me to contemplate killing Dina. Sure I could give her an early trip to where ever she was going. Should I use my Grandfather's 38 special and empty the whole wheel into her?  I could wire her lunch box with a powerful pipe bomb and when she opened it would blow her and her lunch box to kingdom come? Think of it little pieces of shredded Kotex everywhere like confetti.

The shrinks would actually let Ruth go home after a few days. Wonder what they thought about what went on behind the convent door? Later that week I told Dina that I wanted her to give me a blow job but I wanted her to wear those rectangular sun glasses with the blue tint when she did it and of course she have to be naked when she did it. Next I would get Jane to do the same thing wearing the same pair of sun glasses. The drug dealers from the south pier were reporting that it was safe for Jane to return to the south pier, but Jane didn't really want to go back. She had adapted to living in our little town . All the people loved her. She was lovable. Of course the drug dealers at the south pier wanted Jane back. She was hard to replace. They were stupid to leak the story about the body crabs in the first place. She was ours now.

A few days later Dina went to Juicy Lucy's birthday party with Ruth and Jane. Dina had just presented Lucy with her present, a lunch box. Dina was creating a clone.  The next thing that happened, after the party had ended gives new meaning to the word bizarre. Now Dina had herd the tale of how Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer had become blood brothers; they cut there hands and shook hands upright like they were arm wrestling and mingled there blood together (This comes to us from the American Indians). So Dina wanted to be blood sisters but she had a little different ritual in mind . Dina, Lucy, Ruth and Jane were all sitting at a card table in a dark room with a candle burning in the center. Dina had four bloody Kotex in front of her on the table, one from each of the girls. Dina started to recite some special saying, "Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust" and so on and so on. With her bare hands she started to mingle the blood on Kotex together then suddenly the bloody mess Dina had in her hands started to levitate, all the girls chairs started to levitate and Dina started speaking in Latin. All the girls could feel the presence of a spirit guide. The spirit guide was none other than the spirit of a recently deceased Italian whore named Sophie Saran Wrap.

Dina was still levitated, but she was no longer speaking Latin and she knew at that point that the other girls, not including Lucy, would have to be really fucked up to finish the second half of the ritual. Meanwhile Sophie Saran Wrap was down on the floor pouring five double shots of Southern Comfort for everybody. Dina, while still levitated, lit a joint and passed it around then she lit another joint and passed it the other way. The presence of an paranormal being was small potatoes compared to the bomb Dina was about to drop about the second part of the ritual. Sophie was going on about Purgatory and how it wasn't so bad, but she missed being gang banged all the time. She was now pouring a second round of double shots of Southern Comfort. The Girls were no longer levitated and looked pretty well stoned to Dina, so she started to tell them that the ritual wasn't over yet and that they would all have to put these bloody Kotex back in their vaginas  so that the mingled blood  could flow backwards into their blood streams like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer's blood did. Then they would be true blood sisters carrying each others blood for the rest of their lives. These words brought about a great silence in the dark room which was lit only by a flickering candle, even Sophie's big trap was shut. Ruth and Jane's eyes were bulging out as they looked at each other in amazement. When Dina started to reach for one of the bloody Kotex, Jane and Ruth bolted for the door shouting FUCK YOU DINA! WE ARE FUCKED UP, BUT YOUR NEVER GONNA TALK US INTO PUTTING THOSE FILTHY BLOODY Kotex BACK IN! NEVER! Juicy stayed by Dina's side, but she didn't have to do it. Dina put all the Kotex in a plastic bag and ran outside and figured maybe they were right that it was pretty crazy.

Now Dina had a little surprise for Jane and Ruth. The double shots of Southern Comfort that Jane and Ruth were drinking were spiked with roofies. Dina knew ahead of time that those two would never put those bloody cold Kotex back in their pussies. Some of the blood was starting to coagulate and was turning brown like a gigantic scab. Dina and Lucy were not far behind Ruth and Jane when Ruth and Jane started to feel the effects of the roofies and started to collapse. Soon Dina and Lucy were working on Ruth . Dina was lifting Ruth's ass up while Lucy was removing her Jeans and panties. Lucy tore the plastic bag open that held the bloody Kotex and placed some of the bloody mess deep inside Ruth and then put her panties and jeans back on. One down three to go. Then they did the same thing to Jane, but Jane's blue jeans were skin tight and it was a real struggle for Dina and Lucy. It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it. Next came the easy part, Dina placed the remaining two Bloody Kotex in a microwave for about 40 seconds to warm up. You can imagine the smell coming from the microwave. Dina and Lucy were wearing clothes pins on there noses. Next they installed the bloody Kotex deep inside themselves. They then sat together and smoked a joint and shared a double shot of Southern Comfort. Doesn't get much better than this. Booze, dope and a warm bloody Kotex between your legs. By morning the ritual would be complete.

The traces of Dina's crazy perverted blood were reaching Ruth's and Jane's heads and entering the deepest darkest crevasses of there brains. Dina already had Lucy under her spell for many months now. The four of them were now in Dina's dark bedroom with candles flickering and they are all playing with a Ouija board. The were conjuring back Susie Saran Wrap. The candles went out by themselves then lit themselves again. The famous Italian whore was back. The marker moved around the board by itself spelling out the Words "How are Charlie's Devils tonight?" Referring to Dina and the other sluts. Dina moved the marker around spelling out HORNEY!!! Dina and her followers had really thought they were creating a new religion, but the religion they were practicing really had been invented centuries ago in West Africa and thrived in the Caribbean on the Island of Barbados. It was called Wassonian and was brought to Barbados by the slave boats in the 17th Century. A It was a special form of white magic. Contrary to popular belief all slaves were not black, there was some white slaves of Italian decent. The girls were asking Sophie questions through the board. They were asking about Purgatory. Sophie answered through the board, "God is the landlord of heaven and the Devil is landlord of hell but purgatory has no landlord, it is mob rule. Now Sophie and Ruth had one thing in common, they both had that beautiful black pussy hair, but Sophie's physical body had been dead for quite a while and was rotting in a grave on the Island of Barbados for quite a few years.

Now Sophie Saran Wrap's official cause of death was really unknown, but the coroner report said that she died of an untreated Yeast infection. Sophie's sex partners were screwing her anally and then plunging their dicks back into her pussy without cleaning them off first. Other people said she died of a broken heart like most people. Dina managed to salvage most of the four bloody Kotex used in the ritual and placed them in a mason jar suspended in some unknown murky liquid. But Dina didn't keep this mason jar in the root cellar, she buried it. Before she placed it in the ground though, she held the jar up horizontally and kissed it. The girls were still asking Sophie stupid questions through the Ouija board. Lucy was asking Sophie if there were little birds like Woodstock from the Peanuts cartoon in Purgatory. Sophie said she hadn't seen any so far and most animals were up in heaven. Before you know it the girls had Lucy completely naked laying on her back on a table with her hands bound tight under the table behind her back and her legs spread wide open, tied to the legs of the table. Dina was hovering over her, holding a sharp dagger, ready to plunge it into Lucy's chest. She was the closest thing to a chaste virgin they could come up with. The marker from the Ouija board was starting to levitate and Dina had the most wild look in her eyes. Ruth and Jane were now chanting in Latin. Then Ruth, Jane and Dina were topless. Lucy still lay on the table, a helpless Victim. I was outside where the air wasn't fresh and clean. There were still traces of the odor from the Kotex in the microwave and it was most nauseating. Human sacrifice was at the heart of this Wassonian religion of mirrors, candles and beads. Purgatory was a Wassonian's final and only destination.

Dina Came down with all her force with the dagger headed for Lucy's naked belly and when hit it bent. It was just Dina's little brother's fake rubber Halloween knife. This was a Wassonian mock execution to test Lucy's obedience to the future high priestess (Dina). The Wassonian religion is female dominated, there are male members like myself but they are low level. In the early days of Wassonian religion in the West African coastal region there was a stack of ancient bloody Kotex all the way up to the moon. All the noise and commotion in Dina's bedroom brought her brothers charging into the room. The boys quickly noticed Lucy's luscious naked body sprawled out on the table and that Ruth and Jane were topless. There eyes were popping out of there sockets. Dina retreated into the bathroom. Ruth and Jane promised the boys hand jobs if they wouldn't tell anybody about what they saw. The boys agreed and pulled down their pants. Those little boys were rock hard. Ruth tossed Lucy a real knife and knelt down and stared while stroking those boys off. It didn't take long and Jane's boy was cumming. Jane directed the sperm into a paper cup then Jane put her cigarette out in the cup and laughed. Meanwhile in the bathroom Dina was practicing what she was preaching. Dina had been telling all her followers at the schoolyard to repeat the phrase Sophie Saran Wrap 50 times while looking into a mirror. This is what Dina was up to behind the locked bathroom door. Soon Sophie's image replaced Dina's image in the mirror and Sophie was talking to Dina face to face. Sophie's spiritual image was really quit lovely. Sophie was telling Dina to travel to Barbados to dig up Sophie's grave and remove the ankle bracelet from Sophie's lifeless carcass. She needed to catch a Coke boat from the South pier and talk the boys into dropping her off In the Keys. She was told her spirit guide would be with her all the way (Sophie Saran Wrap).

Ruth wasn't as lucky as Jane with containing her load of sperm. Most of it wound up on her neck and was starting to run down to breasts. It was clean up time at Dina's house once again. The next evening the girls went to the south pier, all four of them dressed to kill with low cut fine dresses, nylon stockings and high heels. Their hair was all flowing and perfect. They also had makeup and earnings on. Dina's dress was black and tight. I wish I had a camera to take her picture that night. There luggage was a joke though. Dina's other clothes that she was taking on her journey were stuffed In a black garbage bag that I was pushing down the south pier in a stolen shopping cart. I wasn't going with them, I would wait at the south pier for their triumphant return, but down deep I was hoping that Dina would meet the grim reaper on her little safari. I was hoping Ruth and Jane would survive, return and we would live happily ever after. I knew though most likely the exact opposite would happen. I would pass the time at the south pier by getting fucked up with the Henchmen (A local motorcycle gang) every day. Somewhere along the line Dina had acquired the coolest little 25 automatic. She would stuff it in the top of her nylon stocking along side her roll of cash and dope bag. I unsuccessfully tried to steel that gun from her many times. I always coveted that thing. It was so sleek and small yet it could kill. It was so much easier to conceal than my grandfathers 38 special. A boat pulled up and they were off. I planned that if Dina returned wearing Sophie Saran Wrap's ankle bracket made of solid silver, from the North of Portugal, I would hook it with a treble hook attached to a leader that went to a bunch of cinder blocks sitting on the pier. I would then shove off the blocks over the edge of the pier which would send Dina to Davy Jones locker, 20 thousand leagues (feet first) under the sea. Sharks would tear her into little pieces down there and her evil blood would come to the surface, but would slowly dissipate in the salt water leaving no evidence.

The boys in the cocaine boat were telling Dina that there was no way they would take them all the way to the Keys when they could take her fancy dress and her garbage bag full of clothes back to the south pier. There was a big long line of girls with wet pussies waiting to get into the boat and Dina and company could go to the end of the line and try to talk some other boat into taking them to the Keys. Dina was telling that she had gallons of kerosene that maybe they could use to run the motor. They were laughing at her. Then Sophie Saran Wrap intervened and a 30 foot sail boat docked up with the cocaine boat. The two boats were making some kind of a deal and the girls without Jane boarded the sail boat. Jane was snorting lines of cocaine in the first boat. Jane would return to the south pier with the first boat after the boys gang banged her. She wasn't going to Barbados to dig up a dead body. Besides Jane had been around the south pier long enough to know that sail boats could mean real trouble. Jane's instincts were correct. The men on the sail boat had no intention to sail to the keys. They wanted to float around in international waters and pimp Dina and her friends and keep all the money. The one thing they didn't know was that Dina was packing heat.

Dina was now naked and bent over being pounded from behind by one man and surrounded by 3 other men. The men were paying clients aboard the sail boat which was a floating whore house. The man that was pounding Dina from behind pulled out so he could cum on Dina's ass and the small of her back, but his dick had blood on it. Sometime that evening Dina's period had started. The Man came with a vengeance all over her ass and back. Some of the blood left a splotch on Dina's ass. There was also a trickle of blood coming from Dina's pussy running down her thigh. Another man was now in Dina from behind and was pounding the piss out of her. The men didn't bother to clean Dina off. This man was telling Dina that he was going to move into her ass hole. Dina was moaning and groaning. Dina had never been ass fucked before. Ruth would be next on the agenda after Dina. The girls had been trapped on that boat for 2 weeks now and this was pretty much a nightly occurrence. There were some Latino girls on board the boat also. Meanwhile Lucy was in the bathroom looking into the mirror. Lucy repeated the words Sophie Saran Wrap fifty times and there was Sophie talking to Lucy through the mirror. Sophie told Lucy that tonight is the night. To slip the men the roofies tonight, that they were close to the Keys now and they could make it the rest of the way in the dingy and to keep both boats on a southwest heading with the the compass. Lucy came out of the bathroom bottomless and started serving the men whiskey spiked with roofies. The men were grabbing at Lucy's ass as she distributed the drinks. Ruth was up to bat now as Dina had collapsed into a puddle of blood, cum, pussy juice and whiskey. They were really slamming away at Ruth and her beautiful black pussy hair. This made the men even harder and hornier. Slowly but surely the men started to collapse from the effects of the roofies. The girls headed up on deck and Dina started the small outboard motor up . Dina took the wheel and Lucy had the compass. Ruth tied ropes to the handles of Dina's kerosene cans and dangled them off the side of the sail boat about even with the sea level. The Latino girls went below and took all the men's cash, watches and earnings. The Latino girls also took bottles of whiskey and loaded them into the dingy. The Latino girls loaded the dingy with Dina's black garbage bag and her famous period stained Monkees lunch box. Ruth ripped out the sail boats 2 way radio and through it in the sea. It was now time to say goodbye, but first Dina went below and spit on the man that ass fucked her. As he lie on the floor she kicked in the face and left a nice little scar on his face. Dina wanted to piss on him, but there wasn't enough time. Ruth, Lucy and the Latino girls were in the dingy now. Ruth had one oar and Lucy had the other. Dina dived off the sail boat into the water and swam to the dingy. The Latino girls pulled her in. Next Lucy handed Dina her 25 automatic and they rowed toward the dangling kerosene cans. Dina fired at the Kerosene cans and they exploded with a vengeance. They blew a nice size hole in the side of the sail boat. The sail boat was taking on water and it was sinking. A Few of the men came up on deck because of all the noise. They were staggering and Dina fired at them and hit one of them. Now the girls were rowing off into the darkness. Dina was standing in the dingy like Gorge Washington crossing the Delaware and Lucy was wearing a state of the art life preserver taken from the sail boat. Lucy didn't know how to swim. The girls also took the sail boat's bull horn and Dina's voice was amplified in the night air, yelling obscenities at the men. Then Dina threw the bull horn in the water. Dina always did her best work when she was on her period.

Meanwhile back at the south pier, Jane went back to our little town to stay with Dina's parents. I stayed by the south pier waiting for Dina, I was in for the whole ride. I entertained thoughts of going after Dina again. The dingy was now floating in the darkness sometimes they were rowing and sometimes just drifting on a southwest heading. Dina was talking to the Latino girls and asking them their names. The Latino girls explained to her that their names translated into English were Traci and Millie. Then Dina started telling them about Wassonians and the Latino girls made the sign of the cross then kissed their own hands when they were done. Then Dina started telling them about Sophie Saran Wrap. The Latino girls looked at each other and looked like they were going to jump in the water to take there chances with the hammer head sharks that were surely circling the dingy. The Latino girls explained that they had dug up a dead body before, but they just took all the jewelry off it and put the body back in the ground. The Latino girls said that they would buy Dina a good switch blade when they reached shore with their share of the money taken from the men on the sail boat. The Latino girls told Dina's that her gun was good but it was to noisy and a switch blade was much quieter. It would be much more useful when excavating a dead body. Dina smiled and wondered if the Latino girls would be open to Kotex swapping or if she would have to drug them first. The Sun was starting to come up. Land was seen. but it wasn't land, it was a bridge. The Keys were connected by a series of bridges that connected the islands all the way down to the Bermuda triangle. The bridges were actually constructed better than the islands themselves and had withstood many hurricanes. The bridges carried heavy trains. The girls spotted the island that the bridge was leading to and started to row for it . The Island's black sand beach was quite beautiful under the rising sun. Most people said there was nothing down in the Keys and that Hemingway was too drunk most of the time to know what was going on. The girls got all of their stuff out of the dingy and blasted a hole in the bottom of it with Dina's 25 and sank it. Then they made their way to a nice outdoor cafe and ordered five omelets and coffee. They had one big roll of cash.

I was sitting on the south pier my feet dangling toward the water fifteen feet below. I was thinking I would see the Keys for myself and make my own decision about them. Maybe pick up a shrunken head along the way. Maybe it would be Dina's head. The Henchmen didn't want me around anyway. Now it really looked to me as if Dina didn't have two brain cells to rub together because the train that traveled through the Keys originated on the mainland but not near the south pier. I sold my grandfather's 38 special to one of the Henchmen and I could finance the rest of the trip with Dina's money. There was a Henchman wannabe, another outcast, that would ride me all the way to the train station on his bike. I ran with some pretty tough gangs in my life, but was a member of any of them. Gangs have nonmembers like me that run with them for a while. This is a part of the gang story they never tell. Piss on the henchmen. The only thing they had going for them is their strength in numbers. One lone Norton Commando left the south pier with two riders. It was roaring down an empty highway in the middle of the night. The Henchman wannabe talked my ear off the hole trip, I barely said a word. When I did talk, I talked about Lucy. That was like dangling a carrot in front of a race horse to make him go faster. This was the mission the Henchmen sent him on, to ride a carpet bagger like me to a train station. When we finally got there, I told him he better come with me. We would hide his bike and I showed him a big roll of Dina's prostitution ring money I had stolen from here secret hiding place inside a box of Kotex. He was hell bent on becoming a real Henchmen though. I told him that his bike and the Henchmen would still be there when we got back with Dina and Lucy. Those words did the trick and soon I was purchasing two train Tickets to the end of the line. At the same time Dina was purchasing five train tickets further down the line. If Dina would had taken the train the whole way she wouldn't have that big bag of money that the girls looted from the sail boat, This seemed to be all part of Sophie Saran Wrap's master plan and it included the Latino girls.

The wannabe would not shut up. He was going to talk the whole train ride. He had dreams of grandeur. I wanted to tell him that our mission was to get Dina and Lucy to engage in some perverted sex acts with us and then to waste away in Margaritaville and to spend some of that money she acquired. I was trying to read For Whom The Bell Tolls, but he just kept talking. The words of a song by Tina Turner came to mind. They go like this "we don't need another hero." I wondered why Hemingway pointed a shot gun at his own head and blew his own brains out. I wondered why anybody did that? I wondered how much money Dina really had? I think Hemingway wasn't the only author to commit suicide. There were some women on the train. Why didn't the Henchman wannabe go tell them his bullshit stories? Hemingway was much more interesting than my companion's stupid shit.  I looked out the train window and I saw a shark fin in the water. I wondered if it were a hammerhead shark. I pointed it out the Henchman wannabe. That would keep him busy for awhile.

Dina was now in a storm cellar beneath an outdoor bar on the beach in the Keys. It was a dusty dirty place full of cobwebs and cases of rum and tequila. A good place to be if there was a hurricane going on or a good place to be if Dina was feeling horny, which was pretty much all the time. Dina was up on all fours, one guy was deep inside her from the back and she had her arms wrapped tightly around another guy's ass pulling his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. The guys were also using Dina back as a table. There was an ash tray, an open jar of Vaseline and a shot glass spread out on Dina's back and her big fat white ass. There was a good flow of blood inching down Dina thigh. This was because she was well into her period. Meanwhile at the tropical bar Lucy, Ruth and the Latino girls were sipping drinks, making girl talk and watching TV. Dina's drink was sitting untouched because when she was at the bar she was so horny she couldn't stand herself and quickly seduced a merchant marine into the bunker below the bar where she was now. Down below Dina had proved to be to much for the guys and they were all cumming at the same time. There was a big puddle of cum mixed with Dina's sweat, blood, pussy juice and Vaseline on the small of Dina's back and there was cum dripping from her mouth with some traces of blood. Meanwhile back on the train that the Henchman wannabe and I were riding, I threw Hemingway's book out the train window. Piss on Hemingway and Tina Turner. At the tropical bar the girls saw the most beautiful sight on the horizon. It was a cruise ship coming into port at the Keys to pick up and drop off passengers. One of the cruise ships stops was Barbados.

The Latino girls dragged a garden hose down to the storm cellar to hose Dina off. She was pretty grotesque. Cum, blood and sweat were dripping off her. It was like a wet tee shirt contest with no tee shirt. The Latino girls were yelling at Dina over the noise from the hose about the cruise ship and how beautiful it was. They suggested that Dina should go buy tickets to Barbados for everybody with the money she stole from the sail boat. Dina agreed and the Latino girls were jumping for joy that they would get to go on that cruise ship. About the same time, my train pulled in and we spotted Ruth on the beach and she told us about the cruise plan. I told Dina to get us two tickets and I would pay her back when we got to Barbados. I also told her that we came down to help her dig up that grave. That was all pure bullshit though. Then my companion's eyes found Lucy's silhouette and there was no going back. Now I have caught many fish in my day, some even big and used many different kind of of bait, but Lucy was the best bait on the face of the earth as far as I'm concerned. The thing about Lucy was on the outside she was doing some pretty bad things but inside she was as pure as the driven snow. In her mind it was "sunshine, lollipops and rainbows." Lucy was thinking about Snoopy and that little bird Woodstock. She was the "Pure of heart " that Jesus was talking about in the Sermon on the Mound.

The Latino girls were still hosing Dina off. They were shooting a stream of water into her mouth now and rinsing that little tunnel out. Then they helped her put on her bikini and a knew fresh Kotex. Dina came top side. The Latino girls put Dina in a Jacuzzi for about 15 minuets, then they jumped in themselves. Dina made her way to buy 7 tickets for the cruise ship. When Dina came back she said it wouldn't sail until tomorrow at sun rise but they could board now if they wanted and get on and off as much as wanted when it was in port. Of course we wanted to board now. The ship had food, booze, casinos and all kinds of the coolest shit. Dina boarded the cruise ship carrying her 40 pound black garbage bag. I thought she would have had enough class to buy some luggage. Dina bought a huge vibrator, a big powerful one. Lucy screamed when she saw it, the Latino girls just smiled and giggled. I was bringing on a little surprise, some roofies I bought from some pusher on the train. I would give Dina a taste of her own medicine. It was party time.

As we were all boarding the cruise ship I really started to question Dina's sanity. Dina was talking about all of us going to the rooms for a prayer to the Wassonian God Wass to give thanks for the great bounty which we were about to receive. Dina persisted with this idea and I wondered if the ship had a shrink on board that I could bring her to. I had watched the love boat on TV and I knew that all cruise ships carried a doctor in case of emergency, but did they carry a shrink also? Dina kept walking toward the rooms but the rest of us scattered and went to explore the rest of the ship and hit the bars, casino and the free night club acts. It turned out that Dina was bullshitting us and we were not bullshitting her. Dina was trying to get rid of us so she could be alone in the room with her new toy. More than anything Dina wanted to work herself over with that new high powered vibrator. Dina opened the door of the room and peeled off her pants, lay down on the bed, opened her legs, put the new batteries in that vibrator, put it on speed two, rubbed her clit with it and started to finger herself at the same time. If speed two felt this good what was speed twelve like? Dina kicked it up a notch to three then four.

Meanwhile at one of the bars, the bartender was really developing a thing for Ruth. Ruth was really flattered by this whole thing and returned his advances. The bartender was Australian and had an Aussie accent. The bartender lured Ruth to his room and fucked the piss out of her and ate her out big time. But the bartender had a strange perversion, he told Ruth he wanted to shave her pussy before he fucked her the next time. Meanwhile Dina was up to speed six by now and loving every minute of it. Some period blood was now coming out of her with a massive amount of pussy juice, she was soaking wet. Ruth came running to me with her new problem. She found me sitting at a bar and told me that her new lover wanted to shave her pussy. I was dead set against anything like that because she had the most beautiful hair on her pussy, but it was her pussy and she had to do what she had to do. Then I took Ruth to the other room and laid her on the bed and wiggled off her pants. I went between her legs with my head and looked up at that beautiful hair on her pussy and her beautiful white tummy for the last time. I started to give her an unmerciful licking then a fucking and then went right back To licking her.

Meanwhile Dina was up to speed eight by now, had turned over and was up on her knees a little. She was moaning and really breathing pretty heavy. Ruth was cumming now and so was I. We came together but for some unknown reason Ruth's period started at the exact same time. When I was around these bitches always got there period. Dina was up to speed ten and turned over on her back. Ruth put her clothes back on and went to the bar where her new lover was working. She sat down and told him she wanted him to shave her. This statement excited him more than anything had ever excited him in his whole life. He grabbed her arm and led her back to his room, tore her pants off, threw her on the bed, spread her legs open and proceeded to shave that delicious jet black pussy hair. Ruth had started her period though and was gushing blood at the same time. This was really quite a
Mess, thick curly back pussy hair saturated with blood and pussy juice was all over the place.

Meanwhile Dina was up to speed twelve and finishing herself off. Then suddenly Sophie Saran Wrap came to Dina in a vision and told Dina to clean herself up and rush to the room where Ruth and her new boyfriend were to prevent a catastrophe. Dina got her long black rubber gloves and did as instructed by the vision. Dina came charging into Ruth’s room and explained what she needed to do. She explained if this pussy hair saturated with sacred blood falls in the wrong hands it could be used in a black magic ritual and bring a curse on Wassonians all over the world. Dina quickly gathered up all the bloody hair into a sacred plastic bag. Dina left as quickly as she came once she got what she came for and Ruth and her new boyfriend continued fucking and making love all night long.

It was now dinner time aboard the cruise ship and all the women on the whole boat including Dina, Lucy, and the Latino girls were wearing sleazy low cut short dresses. You could get a really good look at their cleavage and legs. I was sitting next to Dina at a table in the ships galley and Dina was eating like a wild dog. She was tearing into crab legs and talking and talking and talking. No one in the whole galley could get a word in edge wise. Dina was going off about black magic and how it was prevalent on the island of Barbados and other Caribbean islands. It may even be present on this ship. Dina was saying that the black witches couldn't get hold of our finger nails, toe nails or hair because they could use them in a unholy black ritual and bring curses on us. I contemplated tossing Dina over board later that night. Sure it was perfect, the ship would keep going on its computer guided course and Dina would be dog paddling in the middle of a dark black ocean, waiting for sharks to come and devour her. I forgot the ship was still in port, it wouldn't be moving till sunrise. We partied late into the night, drinking, dancing and watching night club acts with comedians. Late that night it was time for Dina's white magic ritual with rising smoke and fire.

The night was starting to wind down, but in Dina's room things were just getting started. It was time to sacrifice Ruth's blood saturated pussy hair to the Wassonian gods. Dina was sitting in the middle of her followers preparing her sacrificial alter which was a George Foreman grill. Dina ordered her followers to take their tops off and light their candles. Then Dina started to chant in Latin and started to levitate. The George Foreman grill also started to Levitate. Dina opened the steaming grill and poured the bloody pussy hair all over it. She stared to chant louder, it was a Wassonian white magic Prayer. The other topless girls started to also chant in Latin. Dina shut the top of the George Foreman grill and smoke shot out the sides of it. The smell of the smoldering blood soaked pussy hair was horrendous. Then Dina raised the holy grill up and started to move toward the hallway with her followers behind her chanting louder as they walked. If only George knew his cooking contraption was being desecrated by Dina and Ruth's bloody pussy hair, he might raise the price or ask for some of the mess being created. Meanwhile innocent bystanders were being doubled over by the stench coming from the grill. I was sure one of them would call the ships security guards and they would handcuff Dina and escort her to the ships brig, where she couldn't hurt anybody. She was mad as a hatter. The girls were reaching the deck now still chanting. I was laying on a deck chair watching. Then Dina opened the George Foreman grill and everything finally caught fire. This madness would soon be over. The smoke rose in the night air on the ships deck and the chanting came to its climax. Then the flames finally started to go out. No security Guards came and Dina was free to go afterward. Maybe there was an outside force involved in this? I grabbed a bottle of whiskey that was stolen from the sail boat and started to drink heavily and headed to a lounge chair on the other side of the ship. Now I had seen it all.

Some eye witnesses reported seeing Gargoyles in the night sky above the smoke that rose from Dina's ritual. I was laying on a lounge chair on the ships deck. The sun was coming up and the ship was getting underway. A couple of tug boats where seeing us off. I got some brochure's about Barbados, seems they have everything anyone could need. They have cock fighting, dog fighting, black and white magic, whore houses, stripper poles, live sex shows, Voodoo and even bestiality. They have a 2 headed snake on the island. Dina was becoming the talk of the ship and recruiting new members to the Wassonian religion. Even some of the ships crew were wanting to join, there was even talk of the ships captain joining. I was thinking if he did join Dina would definitely go after his snake. Meanwhile on the island of Barbados, hands were forming a Voodoo doll that looked exactly like Dina. It was so cute laying next to those long needles.

I guess that wasn't the only Voodoo doll that was the spitting image of Dina on Barbados. There were a lot of them. They were selling them in the outdoor flea markets. They were hanging everywhere. Those dolls were so cute and adorable. They even had a little piece of red and white cotton in the crotch to represent Dina's bloody Kotex. I wish I had one on the ship, maybe I would have tied a rock to its foot and a string to its hand and would have dangled it down in the water where the engines were turning the propellers and churning the water. Maybe I would have thrown it on the George Foreman grill for a spell or even put it in ship’s microwave oven. Meanwhile on the ship’s deck Dina had set up a table that had a long line of people waiting to get to it. The people were trying to join the Wassonian religion. Dina was making them fill out applications and she was taking donations. There was a big bucket of cash and coins on the table. The Bermuda triangle was welcoming Dina with open arms. In the ship’s bow at the very point of the front of the ship, Ruth was standing with her back to her new boyfriend and their arms were sticking out like Rose and Jack on the Titanic.
The henchman wannabe was chasing Lucy around the rest of the boat. Back in Saigon Lucy's first boyfriend was sitting in a whore house drinking a beer watching strippers dancing on the bar. There is a place the place in the Bible where it says "right will be made wrong and wrong will be made right."

A letter caught up with Lucy through the ships mail system. When Lucy opened it she was jumping for joy. When Lucy was home she had applied to become a Mouseketeer on the TV show the Mickey Mouse Club, the letter stated that her application had been accepted and she was to audition at Radio City in New York in December. That was good because it gave us a lot of time to clean Lucy up a bit and reprogram her. We couldn't have her telling tales of gang bangs, Wassonians and all the other atrocities that Dina was forcing her to do. Radio City in New York would frown on Kotex swapping. We had to transform Juicy Lucy back into the all American girl she once was. First thing to lose was her nickname Juicy Lucy. Dina was searching the ship for a place that she could be alone with her new best friend, that high powered vibrator. Dina was developing a real thing for machinery. I wrote a note, rolled it up, stuffed it in an empty whiskey bottle, corked it and tossed it overboard. The Note read "if you find this ......." (To be revealed latter in the story.) I lay on the lounge chair on the deck plotting my own agenda. I would slip Dina some rufies, leave her laying on a lounge chair on the deck and go after the Latino girls. Which one though, Milli or Tracie? It would be too strenuous to try to handle both of them at the same time.

That evening we all went to see a night club act and all the women were wearing dresses with a lot of cleavage and legs showing. The comedians on the stage were searching the audience for a volunteer. Of Course they picked none other than Dina, the biggest whore on the whole ship and the fourth biggest whore in the whole of the Caribbean. There she was, the Mighty Dina up on the stage with the comedians. God what a ham, I thought I might make my way to the bathroom so I could throw up. Lucy was still sitting at the table wearing the Mickey Mouse ears that we got for her at the ship's gift shop. Dina was constantly trying to steal them from Lucy and put them on her head. The Latino girls were sitting at the table having tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them. They were dark, mysterious and desirable. Both the Latino girls had tattoos. I was hoping a giant hook would come from the side of the stage and pull Dina off. She really looked like a skank with the spotlight on her. I ordered a Drink for Dina, she might be thirsty when she got back to the table. I loaded Dina's drink with rufies. Soon Dina would be out cold, sweet dreams Dina. I could place a dream catcher by Dina's head, but first I cut a little hole in it so Freddy Krueger could slip through.

I may have been a little too hard on Dina. I'm no prize either. Dina was still on stage and the comedians had her riding a unicycle. Then there was an announcement that Dina had an urgent phone call ship to shore. It was Jane on the phone telling her that they just found her father with his head in the oven and the gas on. Jane and Dina's mother rushed him to the hospital. Massive stories about Dina being a whore were running rapid all over town. Dina just hung up the phone and walked toward the front of the ship. Dina wasn't the machine we all thought she was, she had feelings too. The only way now was forward to the Barbados. The brochures about the Barbados having both black and white magic were a lie, there was only black magic on the island. Dina was unknowingly leading a crusade to bring white magic back there. We were walking into a war. I found some other brochures that described the catacombs that existed on the island and the legend of Sophie Saran Wrap's burial took place at the very entrance. I spilled Dina's drink that I had made for her overboard.

Dina knew she needed mighty female Wassonian warriors for the battle that was to take place in the Barbados. The Latino girls were the best candidates. Dina knew that she needed girls that could multitask, that could fight, chant, dig up a grave and spew out a mighty period at the same time. That night Dina would consummate the Latino girls into full blood Wassonian female warriors in her sector. But the ritual Dina had in mind was wicked. Dina would pierce the left flap of the Latino girl’s vaginas with an ice pick, insert a gold piercing ring in it and while doing so mingle their blood with her sacred blood. No rufies or any other sedatives would be administered not even booze. It was now time for the ritual to begin in Dina's cabin room. Lucy and Ruth threw Tracy on the bed and peeled her pants and underwear off. They started to hold her down while Tracy started to struggle. For some unknown reason Dina was sitting in a wheelchair wearing only pasties on her nipples and a g-string on her bottom. She was holding an ice pick in one hand and that vibrator in her other hand. All the other Wassonian witnesses in the room and out in the hall started to chant.

Lucy and Ruth grabbed onto Tracy's legs tight as Tracy stared to struggle harder and spread her legs wide open as Dina wheeled into position. Dina was chanting in Latin but raised her voice in English saying “HOLD THIS BITCH STILL.” Dina moved in for the kill with the ice pick in her right hand and the vibrator in her left hand. Lucy put two of her fingers inside of Tracy's pussy and pulled the left flap up and out for the piercing. Dina slowly started to insert the ice pick at the same time rubbing Tracy's clit with the vibrator on number 3 speed. "Take that Bitch" Dina shouted in English, then went back to chanting in Latin. Tracy was squirming all over the bed, screaming and moaning while Ruth and Lucy were yanking her legs wide open and trying to hold her down. Dina plunged the ice pick in deeper and turned up the speed on the vibrator to 7. Dina cut her own hand open and stared to mingle the blood, then rammed the ice pick right through unmercifully. Dina inserted the gold piercing ring in Tracy and Tracy was done. It was now Milli's turn. Lucy, Ruth and Tracy threw Milli on the bloody bed. They ripped her pants and underwear off. They grabbed Milli's squirming legs and spread her all the way out. Dina wheeled in with the bloody ice pick and a bloody vibrator but this time she had plenty of room in there. Ruth rammed all 4 of her fingers in Milli's pussy and pealed it up and out Hard. Milli was really struggling hard, screaming and moaning and Dina wheeled in once again. Dina yelled in English “HOLD THiS FUCKING BITCH DOWN.” Then Dina came in first with the vibrator on Milli's clit to try to sooth the little whore down. Then Dina came in with the ice pick with a vengeance pushing it half way home. Then for some unknown reason Milli's peroid stared at the same time. Maybe because of all the excitement. There was blood all over the place. Dina started to scream with delight because she thought it was a sign from the Wassonian Godess Wass that Milli was a Wassonian warrior princess. Then Dina turned up the speed on the vibrator and yelled out once again “HOLD HER STILL.” Then Milli stared to cum and her legs finally stopped struggling. It was like a Wassonian triple header. Dina was catching all the extra blood in the lunch box, to be used later in her water pipe. Dina would pour some of Milli's blood in the water pipe and all Wassonians in her sector would smoke from it and praise Wass for their new Warrior Princess.

Tracy's period would start about an hour after the ritual. Out of the five girls someone was always bleeding at any given time. The thing about the Latino girl’s blood, it was very pure and of Portuguese origin. Lucy and Ruth pushed Dina's wheelchair out of the room and past all the spectators waiting in the hallway. Dina was holding the water pipe up high with one tube in her mouth. The parade coming out of the room and the spectators in the hallway were still chanting and grabbing for the other tubes coming from the water pipe . The parade proceeded to the ship’s deck and the spectators followed. On deck Dina rose from the wheelchair like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Dina was standing up with the bloody ice pick tucked into one side of her g-string and the bloody vibrator tucked in the other side. Dina was holding the water pipe straight up to the night sky. All the water pipes hoses were dangling and being sucked on by Wassonian spectators. Dina was chanting at the top of her lungs. Some witnesses reported hearing tambourine music at this point. Smoke was rising to the heavens. A large red glow was coming from the bowl of the monstrous water pipe. Lucy and Ruth rolled the empty wheelchair overboard where it crashed into the water and sunk to the bottom. The significance of the wheelchair to the Wassonian ritual is still a mystery to this day. Back at the room Tracy was sitting on the toilet still bottomless from her participation in the ritual. The water in the toilet was becoming quickly red with her period blood. When Dina returned to the room she was furious slapping Tracy wildly from side to side and knocking her from the toilet. Dina was cursing and swearing all types of the worst obscenities. Dina ordered Ruth, Lucy and Milli to stand guard over the toilet while she scurried off to the ships galley. Dina quickly returned with a five gallon bucket and a some large kitchen spoons. Dina kneeling in front of the toilet wearing only her g-string and pasties. She began to scoop the bloody toilet water into the bucket in a successful effort to salvage the sacred blood. It later would be funneled into empty whiskey bottles. Tracy lay on the floor still bottomless moaning and oozing more blood on the floor.

I walked into the bathroom, Dina was sitting on the floor spooning the bloody water into the bucket. Just for laughs I put my hand on the flush handle and threatened to flush Dina and her precious toilet water down. Dina became furious again and started swinging the spoon at me. Dina was shouting "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE MOTHER FUCKER," I retreated back away from the toilet. I wanted no part of that ice pick. I picked up Tracy off the floor on my way out and carried her to the bed in the other room . I gently laid her down, covered her up, made a wet wash cloth, folded it and placed it on her forehead. You could see the Indian side of her heritage coming through, she was quite beautiful. I mixed a high ball with the whiskey, held her pretty little head up and lifted the high ball up to Tracy's mouth, so she cold drink. I wanted to fuck her but that was impossible as there were a lot of people in that cabin room. Some other Wassonians came charging in the room yelling to Dina to quit Fucking around in there and to throw on a dress. They wanted to go out and party. Dina had other plans though. The noise coming from the vibrator all night had been driving her wild. Dina had devised a new plan. A new way to torture herself. First she had to get everybody out of the bathroom and get that door locked. Then she peeled that g-string off and lay on the floor. Then she opened her legs as wide as she could like they did to Milli, one of her feet was resting on the toilet. Now it was time for Dina's new plan. Dina took the vibrator to her clit but on high speed number ten, so that she could feel the full power. God it felt good, she thought. Now it was time for some torture. Dina slowed the vibrator down to number three. This was driving her wild. How long could she stand working herself over when she knew that number ten could make her cum. Could she cum on number 3? She would sure give it a try. She kept pressing that vibrator harder against her clit, rubbing it from side to side and ramming the whiskey bottle deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Dina was squirming all over the floor moaning and breathing heavy. Dina tried to shove the whiskey bottle in and out faster, this made the torture worse and not better. Finally Dina gave in to herself and turned the vibrator all the up to top speed and she stared to cum. She couldn't stand it anymore. Dina was crying out and it echoed in the bathroom. Finally she was done. Dina collapsed on the bathroom floor and fell into a deep sleep, what a night. When Dina awoke she was kneeling at the feet of Wass, the great Wassonian goddess and she wasn't in the bathroom any more. Dina asked Wass where she was and Wass answered that she was in Purgatory. Then Wass asked Dina what shall I grant you? Dina stated she wanted mind control over her period the ability to start her period whenever she wanted. She also wanted a double pumper. Dina wanted twice the period blood that she was getting now. Wass agreed to Dina's demands and sent her back to the bathroom on the ship. There was an announcement on the ships audio system, it was the captain. He was saying that the cruise ship would soon be docking in Nassau, but soon there would be a smaller shuttle boat along side that was proceeding directly to the Barbados non stop. All Wassonian passengers were to board the smaller shuttle boat. This sucks I thought. It was clear that Dina was as mad as a hatter. I didn't want to leave the mother ship. Everybody on board was talking about a bar in Nassau called The Brass Monkey, I wanted to go there.

I went out on the deck and conferred with some fellow Wassonians. They assured me that the cruise ship (Mother Ship) would arrive in the Barbados three days after the shuttle boat’s arrival, if the Black Magic followers did not slaughter us by then. How reassuring that was. I had to devise my own plan for survival. I would do what the Italian army did in World War two. In world War two the Italian army grabbed Benito Mussolini, their Italian dictator and blew his brains out, then they hung Mussolini's lifeless body by his boots in the town square. There they allowed the Italian towns people to beat on him with baseball bats. Then they photographed the whole thing and the pictures appeared on every front page of every news paper in the free world. The next day the Italian army switched sides. One day the Italian Army was fighting on the side of Nazis killing the Americans, the next day they were fighting on the side of the Americans killing the Nazis. Fucking Brilliant. Or like Paul in the Bible, one day he was persecuting and killing Christians, the next day Paul was preaching Christianity. I could do this. I would simply move to the side of Black Magic when things went sour on Barbados. Piss on Dina. What did Dina know about fighting anyway, she was never in one.

The shuttle boat was docking up with the Cruise ship now and us Wassonians were lining up to board her, sixty five in all . Sixty five Wassonians armed only with one 25 automatic and an ice pick were going to charge the hoards of black magic followers on Barbados. Maybe the sacred bloody toilet water would protect us. The captain of the shuttle boat was a female. The shuttle boat was a stripped down barge, it had a big diesel engine. There were no slot machines, no bar, no luxuries at all. Six and a half hours of bucking the Bermuda triangle’s high waves is what we had to look forward to. I boarded the shuttle boat carrying Tracy in my arms. I dropped her on the floor and went back and ripped off a lounge chair off the deck of the mother ship. At first I sprawled myself out in the lounge chair but this was much too cruel and ungentlemanly like. I got up and placed Tracy in the lounge chair and sat next to her on the floor. The shuttle boat was a glass bottom boat, but you couldn't see much at night. At night I could see the lights of Nassau and I wondered what was going on at the Brass Monkey. That big diesel roared up and we were underway. Dina was standing in the bow of the boat in her bikini with Lucy at her side. Dina loved dominating those Latino girls and those Latino girls loved to be dominated by Dina. They loved Dina dearly and would walk on hot coals for her. The Wassonians were a jolly bunch. They mixed, passed out high balls and fired up Dina's water pipe. They passed it around and urged Dina to get a chant going.

It's was understandable that Dina wanted to watch me die a slow painful death. I wasn't much of a boyfriend. I was quite a scoundrel. I would sell her to a band of Gypsies if the price was right. What about Lucy and the other girls though? Why did Dina want to bring them on this suicide mission? Why did Dina leave some of her sacred junk on the mother ship? And what was happening on the mother ship anyway? It seemed that the captain of the mother ship had a change of heart and turned away from Nassau. He was now only 2 hours behind us. The Captain was a former Navy commander and was one not to run away from a fight. His boat was armed with only a bunch of drunks and a flare gun. He planned to anchor off shore at Barbados, come ashore himself and flank the black magic followers. I would most likely be dead by then, so what did that matter? Also there was a message for us on the mother ship. It was from the Church Lady back in our home town. It made no sense though. It said Reverend Randolph was starting a new television ministry and we were going to be on TV on Comedy Central. What did one thing have to do with the other? Back on the glass bottom boat that was charging the high waves toward Barbados, IT WAS A TIME FOR WAR. I moved to the front of the boat and the women were painting the men's faces with war paint. I looked like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart or maybe more like Gilligan with war paint on. Survival wasn't all it was cracked up to be, piss on the Italian army. We should have taught Lucy how to swim in the swimming pools on the mother ship. How stupid were we? The Sun was coming up now and the glass bottom of the boat was starting to illuminate. That was cool. Other Wassonians found a spear gun on board and brought it to the front of the boat. To conqueror death you only have to die, you only have to die. There it was Barbados; we could see it now on the horizon. JESUS they had a helicopter. A black helicopter was coming straight for us.

DINA YOU BLITHERING IDIOT. Do you want to drown us all? We Can't run away from that helicopter. It will hunt us down and sink us way out here in the deep water. Full throttle toward the beach. The closer we are to the beach when they sink us the better. The glass bottom boat's female captain had jumped over board and Dina was at the wheel. The glass bottom boat loaded with Wassonians roared up over the waves and headed straight toward the helicopter and the beach. Dina wasn't much use when she wasn't on her period. I planned to try to attach the glass bottom boat's mooring lines to the landing carriage of the helicopter if it came close enough. That way we would drag there expensive helicopter down to Davy Jones locker with us when they sunk us, take them down with us so to speak. I wondered if Dina was really the Antichrist. Maybe The Antichrist was a female contrary to popular belief. The helicopter was coming in for the kill now. It was evident that we needed a rocket launcher or more fire power of some kind. . I planned to fire the spear gun at the helicopter's tail rotor. the tail rotor on a helicopter is a vulnerable place. Lucy was aiming Dina's tiny 25 automatic at them. The helicopter veered off at the last second and headed out to sea. I think it was just an unarmed scout that would radio Barbados how many Wassonians were coming. Dina was giving the helicopter the finger as it left us. We had to circle around to pick up the female captain that was dog paddling in our wake. Dina was mumbling something abut the helicopter. IT'S GONE CIRCLE AROUND YOU BIMBO!

Next there was an up rising on the glass bottom boat. It was coming from some guy named Paul Gullo, Paul Gullo was a mealy mouthed mother fucker that was going off about Wassonians. His understanding of the Wassonian religion was that WASS was the god of virtue and chastity that the Wassonians worshiped. To him if a Wassonian's daughter did not remain a virgin her parent's had to commit suicide. So I explained to him that what he knew was the belief of the Greek orthodox sector of the Wassonians and not ours I also explained that he better sit down and shut up or I would have Dina and Lucy kick his balls in. Then one of Latino girls pointed the ice pick real close to Paul Gullo's neck and that was the end of that. Dina was now crouched down on the floor of the glass bottom boat covered by a big tarp. She had a mirror in there and was attempting to contact Sophie Saran Wrap for guidance. When Dina emerged from her little home made tent, she announced that we were to return to the mother ship for some Wassonian rituals, some drinking, bloody orgies, drug abuse, and some good old fashion Kotex swapping. The crowd on the glass bottom boat let out a cheer at this announcement. Dina was clutching her lunch box for security. It seemed that everyone on board had enough gorilla warfare for one day except me. Some Wassonians were reporting that the helicopter had a sight seeing company logo on it and it was just taking tourists sight seeing. It seemed that the war that was to be fought on Barbados was in essence a spiritual war between white and black magic, to be settled by a contest.

Dina went back in her cabin aboard the mother Ship surrounded by teams of male Wassonians. Of course she was completely naked down on her knees and elbows. One male Wassonian was pounding her from the back and another was in her mouth. There are blood splotch's on the cheeks of her ass and her thighs, but it was not Dina's blood. It was the Latino girl's blood. They were first and they were both on their periods. Most of the dicks in the room were half covered with that Latino period blood. Dina thought it was time to try out her new gift that was granted to her by Wass, the powerful Wassonian goddess. Dina would start her period now by her own will. It worked, Dina was now gushing blood and completely saturating that male Wassonian's high hard one that was pounding her from behind with blood. His dick was completely red. Meanwhile the Wassonian that had his dick in Dina's mouth was cumming and let it go inside her mouth. Before Dina could spit out the load of sperm that she was holding in her mouth the front Wassonian male team slammed another bloody hard dick deep into her mouth and they told her if she knew what was good for her to keep sucking until she had two loads of sperm in her mouth. The threatened that she had better not swallow any of it or spit any out. They were forcing her head deeper and deeper and plunging that second dick down her throat. Dina loved it. They were pulling her hair hard and twisting her head around. Dina loved being manhandled in this fashion. In Dina's brain she wished she had twice as many holes so she could have 4 or 5 Wassonian males in her at the same time. There was blood oozing out of the corners of her mouth. Dina did as she was commanded and kept sucking away the best she could. Her cheeks were all swollen up. She looked like a chipmunk. Meanwhile the Wassonian that was in Dina from behind pulled out his blood saturated dick and shot his sperm over Dina's ass onto her back, reaching her shoulder blades. His dick was so bloody that it was dripping blood on Dina's ass. The next male Wassonian took Dina's 25 automatic from her nylons and a clean Kotex from the box and shot a hole right in the middle of it. He then he inserted the Kotex in Dina's vagina in an effort to sop up some of the blood . Then he rammed his rock hard dick through the bullet hole and proceeded to keep fucking her with a Kotex on. Finally that son of a bitch that was in Dina's mouth started to cum and back his dick out of her mouth so that Dina could spit out that double load of bloody sperm she was holding in her mouth. She was laughing as she looked at that mess. Then all the Wassonian males were laughing and proceeded to keep on fucking Dina.

Dina wanted so badly to talk and smoke a cigarette, but that would be a little difficult with a rock hard bloody cock rammed half way down her throat. Male Wassonians shot another bullet hole in the center of a clean Kotex and joked about changing the one in Dina's snatch. That may have been the second or third dick that was slamming Dina's bloody pussy through the bullet hole in the first Kotex. There was so much surplus blood hanging around that the male wassonians started to draw graffiti on Dina's body with it. They wrote words like WHORE, SLUT and TRAMP on her and stared to draw a picture of a dragon on her with all the blood. The male Wassonians started discussing what disgusting thing they could force Dina to do next. Then they teased her, lit a cigarette and held it in front of Dina's eyes, but the owner of the bloody dick that was in her mouth kept forcing his dick deeper into her mouth and they were all laughing. Then he had mercy on her and pulled out. They shoved the cigarette in Dina's mouth and let her talk and smoke. The male Wassonian that was in Dina's mouth finished him self off and shot a load on the side of Dina's face While she was puffing on her cigarette. Dina's was telling the male Wassonians that she wanted them to turn her over so that they could use the vibrator on her. God what a pig she was. Meanwhile I had Tracy on the floor in the bathroom and I was on top of her pumping her as hard and as long as I could without cumming. Then I would pull out and immediately go down on her and put my mouth on her pussy. After repeating this about 3 time it started to drive Tracy wild and she wrapped her legs around me as I was fucking her. She plunged her tongue deep into my mouth as we kissed. My mouth was saturated with Tracy's period blood and pussy juice, she was soaking wet. Tracy couldn't stand it any more and wrapped her arms around me, rolled over on top of me and stared riding me, she would be cumming soon. I did it, I made her cum . One down, one to go, Milli was next. Tracy was really moaning quite loudly when she came, but Dina's vibrator in the other room was really making a lot of racket that muffled the sound . Then Tracy stayed on top of me and kept pumping so I could cum.

Tracy and I were still laying on the flood and Dina's vibrator seemed like it was making the whole ship shake. A box of Kotex fell off the Vanity and onto my stomach. Before I put them back I began to read the claims on the box. It stated that Kotex had a "Comfort -Flex design" along with "Stay-in-Place protection." They also claimed that a Kotex had a "Cottony Soft cover" and an "All Around Leakage Barrier." I never realized to that day what a superior sanitary napkin Kotex really was. The Women that possessed them were truly invincible. Tracy and I crawled across the floor unnoticed by Dina and the male Wassonians. We noticed that there were tiny blood droplets that were shooting off the vibrator and were landing on Dina's stomach. Dina would be cumming soon and the male Wassonians would be carrying her into the shower to rinse her off. Dina wondered how all of them would fit in that tiny shower stall. Oh well, Dina figured she'd be the one under the water anyway. After the shower, Dina would throw on a sleazy cut dress with no panties on underneath, just nylons and high heels. Dina was was putting on makeup now and preparing to make her way to the ship's galley, we all were. They were serving surf and turf. We would learn later that out on the deck dressed only in a bikini, Lucy was looking out at the sun set over the ocean. Black magic followers sneaked up behind her and shot her with a hypodermic needle. Lucy then stopped struggling and collapsed into a potato sack. The black magic followers were planning to carry her into a small fast boat that was docked along side the mother ship. It had docked unnoticed and they had boarded unnoticed. They were dragging her off to the catacombs on Barbados. They were abducting the Wassonians poster child. There was a call for Dina again, ship to shore. It was Jane again, she told Dina that her parents were in jail due to the fact that they had stolen the Baby Jesus from a nativity seen from the hospital where Dina's father was staying for the recovery after his failed suicide attempt. Jane needed money to put up bail for Dina's parents release from jail. There was never a a dull moment. It was Christmas time in our little town.

The Black Magic gang chained Lucy to an human sacrifice alter down in the deepest darkest crevices of the catacombs on Barbados. Lucy was twisting and struggling against the chains as four black magic witch doctors were circling the alter. The crevasse was lit only by tiki torches and there was drum music in the background The witch doctors had maracas that they are shaking at Lucy. next They poured chicken blood on Lucy's forehead to anoint her. Then The witch doctors chanted black magic curses at Lucy and spit on her. Lucy spit back at them, then they duck taped her mouth shut. One of the black magic witch doctors was wearing Lucy's Mickey Mouse ears. The witch doctors then started to pour hot candle wax on Lucy's vagina and the wax was running down between Lucy's pussy hairs onto her thighs. Lucy was screaming in pain but the screams were muffled by the Duct tape. The witch doctors put ice on Lucy's breasts and uncorked a bottle of champagne that was stolen from the ship. They poured the champagne down the same path over Lucy's vagina, but they had a plastic champagne glass down between Lucy's legs to catch it. The witch doctors were cackling, toasting each other and drinking the champagne that they had poured down Lucy's body.

Back on the mother ship I was laying on my favorite lounge chair on the deck waiting for Dina sot hat we could go to the ship's galley and tear into the surf and turf that they were serving for dinner that night. Dina was at the Western Union office wiring Jane 400 dollars cash for the release of her parents from jail, for the alleged theft of the Baby Jesus from a nativity scene. I think Dina's whole family was brain damaged. For 400 bucks they could have bought a complete nativity scene and had the sheep, the ox, the three wise men and had plenty of money left over to buy some tequila with. I laid back in my lounge chair and dosed off and started to dream. I dreamed of the future when I was in prison at Cumberland Maryland Minimum Security Correctional Faculty. I had been convicted of plagiarism and identify theft and was confined there for nine months. It was true I had copied a story word for word right out of a tabloid, when I couldn't come up with anything on my own, in order to meet a publishers deadline. It seemed the tabloid had a powerful legal staff and were used to spending all day in court warding off the lawsuits coming at them . At any rate they had a lot more then I could muster. I also faced monetary retributions in the sum of fifty thousand dollars to the tabloid. I had a picture of Dina in my cell phone, a picture of her when she was young and she was holding her lunchbox. Down in the catacombs on Barbados the black magic witch doctors were teasing Lucy by bringing a two headed snake dangerously close to her belly. Lucy was twisting and struggling against the chains that she was bound with, this caused those chains to rattle. Then the witch doctors showed Lucy the hot candle wax again and Lucy started screaming. The witch doctors finally had enough of this horse play. The witch doctor that was wearing Lucy's Mickey Mouse ear's pulled out his gigantic uncircumcised dick and slowly started to penetrate Lucy's champagne soaked vagina . At first Lucy continued to struggle but slowly and surely the struggling stopped and Lucy started to moan and enjoy herself. You can't rape the willing, it seemed that this particular witch doctor had been saving up for this event for quite some time. His balls were filled to the top with potent impregnating sperm. Lucy would become pregnant from this event and in nine months give birth to a fine strapping baby witch doctor. This baby witch doctor would be symbol of the mingling of the blood of black and white magic. It seemed that black magic didn't want to terminate white magic, they simply wanted to exploit it. Every time the witch doctor would plunge that monster into Lucy the chains would rattle. It was a stimulating sight.

I was still dreaming in my lounge chair. I was still dreaming of prison in Cumberland and Dina was due to come for a Conjugal visit. I was planning to splatter her all over the cell. Dina was making her rounds, I wasn't the only prisoner that she would be banging. I was awoken abruptly by Dina's big mouth. She was going off about what an embarrassment her parents were and how she should leave the two idiots to rot in jail. We started walking to the ships galley. Dina looked like a three dollar whore. The waiters served me my surf and turf, I was eating my lobster tail and fillet and then the ships security broke in with the story about Lucy. They put the video that was taken with the ship’s security camera of Lucy's abduction on the big monitor near us for all to see. It was also on every TV on the whole ship. This sucks, everyone was going to go ashore to retrieve Lucy.

I started eating faster. I told the waiters to wrap up Lucy's surf and turf in a doggie bag (if Lucy was dead, I'd eat it myself). All this fuss about Lucy. I told the waiters that they had better come with us. The whites of the waiter’s eyes were bulging and then they busted out laughing. They were coming with, they didn't want to miss the show on Barbados. So it began, the long walk to the catacombs on Barbados. Hundreds of Wassonians and civilians were marching following Dina and her whiskey bottles full of bloody toilet water. I was following too, carrying Lucy's surf and turf (Lucy might be hungry after being tortured and raped for all those hours on that human sacrifices alter.) Many Wassonians were carrying tiki torches and candles. They were chanting in Latin for the release of Lucy. It was a hot time in the old town tonight. I sent one of the waiters to bargain for a Cessna to fly 2 passengers to the mainland that night. The 2 passengers would be Lucy and the Henchman wannabe. I had to get Lucy to Radio City Music Hall in New York for the Mouseketeer position on the Mickey Mouse Show.) The stupid bonehead Henchmen wannabe would have to ride Lucy all the way on the Norton Commando. I told him the Henchmen would want him to do it. We were walking and chanting through the jungle at night. This was turning out to be a regular three ring circus. When we reached the entrance of the catacombs, Dina ordered the Latino girls to start digging. To start the excavation of Sophie Saran Wrap’s grave and to retrieve the ankle bracelet. The Latino girls started digging with their bare hands. Then Dina pulled out her 25 automatic from her nylons, under her mini skirt, cocked it and proceeded into the catacombs with hundreds of followers.

Black magic followers were starting to line the path leading into the catacombs and were chanting a reverse chant in an ancient Portuguese language. Black magic followers were in watching the digging. They wanted to bury Dina beneath Sophie Saran Wrap. Finally we were entering the chamber where black magic gang was holding Lucy. I rushed to the alter with the disapproval of the black magic witch doctors. I sat on the side of the alter and cut up Lucy's meat and fish, held up her little head and proceeded to feed Lucy. The poor girl sure was hungry. Black magic weren't very good hosts. They raped and tortured Lucy for hours and offered her nothing to eat or drink. They were Fucking Savages. The black magic high priestess entered the chamber and everyone in the chamber was in awe of her. Her name was Esmeralda and Jesus she had big tits. Her skin was brown as a nut. She had black flowing hair and a stunning appearance. I say it again she had one hell of a rack. Esmeralda also had a beautiful ass. It was round and curvy. I'd love to get my dirty little hands on her. Dina lay flat on her belly at Esmeralda's feet begging for Lucy's realize. Esmeralda was awesome.

While Dina lay sprawled out at Esmeralda's feet, Dina opened the bloody bottles of toilet water and poured them on Esmeralda's naked feet. Dina called on Wass, her God, to start her period and it worked. Dina started to gush blood and saturate her Kotex. Dina then started to levitate and on her way up she pulled up Esmeralda's loin cloth and snatched her bloody Kotex right off her pussy. Esmeralda was at the height of her period now, black magic had planned it this way. Dina continued to rise and held one of the bloody Kotex in each hand while she raised her arms. The two bloody Kotex began to levitate on their own and rise to the top of the chamber. The two bloody Kotex were dancing with each other in the air. Every one in the chamber (lit only by tiki torches and candles) was chanting in Latin. Some witnesses reported hearing the music from the dancing broom scene in The Sorcerer's Apprentice from the Disney movie Fantasia. Other witnesses reported seeing gold dust swirling around the two bloody dancing Kotex. Things were weird and getting weirder. Esmeralda began to levitate and the two women were facing each other while levitating in the air. Their boobs were dangerously close to each other. Then the two bloody Kotex fell into each others arms at the same time. Esmeralda and Dina embraced and Esmeralda forced her mouth onto Dina's mouth and plunged her tongue deep into Dina's throat. The two woman's tits were stuck together at the nipples now as if stuck together by crazy glue. It was quite the site. The two Kotex continued to dance together in the top of the chamber and the kiss between black and white magic went on for what seemed to be an eternity. Esmeralda wouldn't let go of Dina and even if she wanted to their nipples were stuck together.

The Henchman wannabe now rolled in an acetylene torch to cut Lucy's chains. The witch doctors were getting all bent out of shape over this action, but when I cracked open the acetylene at the torch tip and hit the striker a flame shot out of that thing about two feet high and the witch doctors backed off . I was laughing wildly . It looked like a caveman discovering fire. I turned in the oxygen valve and the Henchman wannabe put burning glasses over my eyes. I proceeded to cut Lucy's chains and free her . The witch doctors were demanding that Lucy stay on Barbados until after the baby was born. I told them that was impossible, but we would return the baby to Barbados. I also told them that Lucy had to go to Radio City New York to be a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club and there was a lot of money to be made. We could open a Disney gift shop here on Barbados, have Lucy autograph things and make a fortune. Seems everyone loves money, even witch doctors, so they let Lucy go. While her burnt chains were dangling, the Henchman wannabe threw Lucy over his shoulder and headed to the airfield where the Cessna was waiting to fly them to the mainland. Meanwhile, Esmeralda finally turned loose of Dina and their nipples, now five times as long as they used to be, finally came apart. I thought Esmeralda was going to swallow Dina whole there for awhile. I was hoping that we were going to throw Dina up on the alter to chain her and torture that crazy bitch for awhile. That could have been fun.  

Black magic had mad an announcement through Esmeralda that the contests between black and white magic would begin in the morning, but for tonight wild sex orgies, drunkenness and drug abuse were in order. The first contest was to be a Kotex saturation contest between Dina and Esmeralda. Two and three quarter inch standard Kotex were to be used in the contest and the most pads saturated before the hour glass was overturned 48 times would win concessions over black or white magic. Now Dina was very confident with this because she was a natural born bleeder. Even before she had encountered Wass, her Wassonian Goddess, and was granted special powers she could saturate a whole box of Kotex, even the cardboard box itself. Meanwhile black magic forces were stealing our beautiful cruise ship and taking it out for a joy ride. Us Wassonians were stuck on that god forsaken island. Dina agreed to the terms of the contest but she demanded that all the bloody Kotex be awarded to her when she won for future Kotex swapping events. Elsewhere the Latino girls were still digging away and Ruth had joined in to help them. With all the time that had passed, Ruth's pussy hair had grown back with a vengeance. It was full, black and curly from banging against her panties all the time.

It was morning now and time for the Kotex saturation contests to begin. Dina and Esmeralda were both dressed in dark green trench coats with nothing but panties underneath. The panties were to serve as a bracket for the Kotex. Dina was wearing white panties and Esmeralda was wearing black panties. They were completely naked other than that. Dina was wearing a white fedora on her head and Esmeralda was wearing a black fedora on her head. They were lead to a chamber where a Miss Pac-Man game was in the middle of everything. There were two chairs on each side of the game. There was an hour glass on another table, some referees sitting there and of course boxes and boxes of Kotex. The chamber was lit by candles only and there was reggae music playing in the background. There was a large window where spectators were aloud to jeer and laugh. The women were to play Ms Pac-Man, drink white Russians, and smoke cigarettes and eat whatever they wanted during the contest.

Now Esmeralda had an evil twin sister by the name of Elvira and Elvira was charging into the Kotex saturation chamber. She was demanding to talk to the referees. Elvira was demanding that they have a tampon saturation contest held simultaneously with the Kotex saturation contest and that she be black magic's contestant in the tampon category. She demanded that the Wassonians produce a challenger so she could bleed this female Wassonian contestant under the table. Dina was anxious to get the contest started. She had been holding blood back for hours and was sure when she let it go that she could flood the first six or seven Kotex and be of to a good head start. Now Barbados had a newspaper on the island and had sent reporters to cover the Kotex saturation contest. They were interviewing Elvira and were taking pictures of Dina, Esmeralda and Elvira to be printed on the front page. These people on this island seemed to be all nuts. There must had been something in the water. But the Wassonians had no other females on their periods. The Latino girls and Ruth were not on there periods. Could Dina serve double duty? Could Dina bleed right through a tampon and saturate a Kotex at the same time? No worries a female Wassonian tampon patron had come forward and accepted the challenge. she wished that her name be withheld and she be anonymous. She would be able to wear a mask during the contest. It was agreed that she be called contestant X and a mask was acceptable. Contestant X was a big Amazon woman with blond curly hair. she was older in age.

Now Dina was making girl talk with Esmeralda while they were getting Elvira and Contestant X ready. Dina was telling Esmeralda that she could have been a Mousketeer but it was her parents fault that she wasn't and how her stupid parents had brought her the wrong lunch box when she was so young. She also told her that it was her parents fault that she had turned out to be a filthy whore, that her parents had no money and that they stole the baby Jesus from a nativity scene from a hospital. Esmeralda was intent on listening to Dina's sob story, but deep down Esmeralda was a dyke. Her agenda was to get inside Dina's trench coat and this would make Dina's life even worse than it was now. Outside at the foot of the catacombs, Ruth and the Latino girls had struck gold, they had unearthed Sophie Saran Wrap's coffin and were struggling trying to bring it to the surface. The Latino girls were fighting over the jewelry that Sophie Saran Wrap may have been wearing when she was buried. The Latino girls were punching each other and wrestling around in the mud and threatening each other with switch blades. Meanwhile Esmeralda was going to Cheat in the Kotex saturation contest. Esmeralda had an bag filled with chicken blood duck taped to her back with a small plastic tube running down the crack of her ass leading to the back side of her Kotex so she could flood her Kotex with chickens blood. It was hidden by her trench coat. It seemed that chicken's blood was readily available on Barbados due to the fact that the cock fighting arena was very close to the entrance to the catacombs. As a byproduct to the cockfighting there were buckets and buckets of chickens blood there. Those Motherfuckers that patronized the cock fighting facility were all degenerate gamblers that would bet on anything, so now they were giving odds on the Kotex saturation contest.

Contestant X and Elvira were ready now and they were entering the dimly lit chamber to participate in the tampon saturation category. Contestant x and Elvira were wearing trench coats and black and white panties representing their respective side of the fence of white and black magic. They were also completely naked otherwise. Instead of hats they were both wearing black chokers around their necks. The chokers were decorated with highly polished chrome ornaments about an inch and a half apart. Contestant X was a big horse of a woman and it was rumored that her real name was Delilah, others claimed her real name was Cecelia. At any rate she was a massive mauler that stood over six foot tall and weighed about 180 LBS and had very big tits. The referees were starting to distribute the special first Kotex and Tampons. The bleeding would be getting underway soon. The betting windows were taking the final wagers at the cock fighting barn across the way from the catacombs. I placed a lager sum of money on Dina. But the government had sent special agents to Barbados to see what all the fuss was about. The government was no stranger to the islands and had come down here before to stamp out Bob Marley's movement. They injected Bob Marley with live cancer cells and assassinated him because the words in his songs questioned Christian beliefs and capitalism itself, "THE AMERICAN WAY."

Lucy and Henchman wannabe were now roaring northbound on the Norton Commando toward Radio City, New York. A couple of bikes came up behind them and began to cruise with them for awhile. Then all the bikes pulled into some biker bar parking lot. Everyone went inside, sat down and ordered up a round of drinks. There were half naked dancers in the bar, along with stripper poles and blasting loud music. Lucy and and The Henchman Wannabe started to tell their story about how Lucy was pregnant, had been raped by Black Magic Witch doctors and was going to give birth to a baby witch doctor in approximately 8 months. She also told everyone that the baby With the witch doctor was to be symbol of the mingling of Black and White magic blood. For now they had to get to Radio City, New York so Lucy could start to be a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Show on channel 4. You should had seen the look on those other bikers faces when they told them about the Kotex saturation contest and levitating bloody Kotex dancing with each other. The other bikers didn't know what these two were smoking or popping, but they wanted some of it. Then the strippers in the bar started to rally around Lucy with there mothering nature and consoled her with stories about there own pregnancies and how they were raped. Meanwhile Jane was headed East in her T-Bird toward New York. She was carrying the most precious invitation addressed to Lucy that would give Lucy admission to the new Mouseketeers. Jane was to meet those two in New York. But Jane spotted some guy hitch hiking on the side of the road and she pulled over to pick him up.

Back at the Kotex/Tampon saturation contest, Dina had a slight lead over Esmeralda. Dina had completely flooded her first three Kotex when she first let go. They were completely soaked with blood and were quite heavy. but every time they peeled off Esmeralda's Kotex she was full too. The steady flow of the illegal bag filled with chickens blood dripping into the back of Esmeralda Kotex was hard to beat. Esmeralda would smile at Dina when Dina would inspect Esmeralda's Kotex. Then a letter arrived for Esmeralda. It was a blackmail letter from the patrons of the cock fighting barn across the way from the catacombs. The letter read that they were demanding that Esmeralda and her filthy sister were to be sex slaves for the patrons at the cock fighting arena or they were going to expose the pictures they secretly had taken when they were installing Esmeralda's illegal bag on her back filled with chickens blood. They claimed they would turn the pictures over to the newspapers if Esmeralda and her sister didn't agree to participate in there unspeakable sex acts. Esmeralda had no choice but to agree. Poor Elvira. she was competing fair and square in the tampon category and was about to be splattered all over the cock fighting barn due to her sisters treachery. Meanwhile up on the street the Latino girls were prying off the lid of Sophie Saran Wrap's coffin, but it had been traditionally nailed down with nine inch nails so it was really giving up a fight. The Tampon category was about dead even. Contestant X was really able to gush blood too.

It seemed that Kotex saturation contests were simultaneously starting all over the world. This was happening because a higher conscious had incubated women with the idea of Kotex saturation contests while they were asleep and dreaming. These bizarre contests were popping up all over the world at the same time. Even as far away as Rwanda. Up on the street in Barbados above the catacombs I had acquired a tee shirt printing machine and was selling black and white magic tee shirts for fifteen bucks a pop. I was wearing one myself.  My shirts slogan read "Kotex: There is No Substitute." I was was wearing a funny hat also and taking in a pretty penny. I was also trying to develop a "Story of a traveling Lunch Box trivia game" to be sold for Twenty five bucks. Then the fucking witch doctors showed up at my stand and were demanding  I pay them protection money or they would put a black magic curse on my business venture.  I paid them and they started some black magic blessing ritual with their shaking maracas.

The Latino girls had finished prying the lid off Sophie Saran Wrap's coffin and stripped all of jewelry of her lifeless body and the gold fillings from her teeth. They sold it all except the ankle bracelet,  that was for Dina.  The Latino girls were feasting on tamales and wagering some of the money at the cock fights. The men that were attending the cock fights propositioned the Latino girls and asked them if they would be interested in performing elicit sex acts in exchange for money. The Latino girls said they were extremely interested but they had to check with Dina first. The fucking Kotex/Tampon saturation contest was being shown on every TV set on Barbados. It seemed that Dina was still leading and she had bled more blood through her uterus than three chickens had bled with there heads chopped off. White magic was trailing in the Tampon category though. Dina was becoming pale in the face and anemic. At the very last second I changed my mind at the betting windows and bet all our money on Esmeralda and contestant X to win. It was kind of like a perfecta in horse racing. It seamed Dina was becoming a national hero on Barbados. The pile of bloody Kotex and Tampons were really starting to pile up down there. Dina sent me a text message, it  said that I was a worthless bucket of shit.  I laughed and sold another tee shirt. Barbados had a TV monitor high up on the street like Time Square in New York. Dina's  image was on it and she was wearing her trench coat.  Then her image melted to the bottom of the screen.

I sent Dina a text message back. I requested of Dina that from now on she address me as "Mr. Fabulous". This text message infuriated Dina but she was in a weakened state (due to her massive loss of blood) and unable to retaliate. Dina had become too weak to button up her trench coat, so it just dangled open. Esmeralda was pretending to be in a weakened state like Dina so she left her trench coat dangling open also. Dina being in this weakened state was a turn on for me. I never her saw her like this. She seemed very vulnerable like this. Dina had always been robust and the aggressor in any situation up to now. At least to the public’s eye. But now she was defenseless and sickly, her face was pale from her blood loss. I wanted to floor Dina and have my way with her. I wanted to ram my dick deep inside her while she lie there like a corpse. I wasn't the only one. Esmeralda had plans for Dina's flesh too. Esmeralda would shut her eyes and day dream about Dina, taking the ice pick to her. Esmeralda dreamt of herself naked lying on a bed with other beautiful women holding her down while Dina came between her legs with the ice pick and then that wicked vibrator that belonged to Dina. Esmeralda wanted so badly to experience pain and pleasure at the same time.
There was another problem that occurred with the Kotex /tampon saturation contest, that was the temperature. It was becoming quite warm on Barbados. Dina and Esmeralda were really starting to sweat. Dina’s white panties were really acquiring a lot of blood stains also. All four of those girls really needed a shower, but the referees wouldn't allow it. The girls just had to suffer for the duration of the contest. Those comedians at the cock fighting barn named a fighting cock after me . They called the chicken Andy@Smartestmark.com because they couldn't figure out the male equivalent for Dina. They said they would simply name a hurricane after Dina.

Back in our little home town it was Christmas eve and it was snowing. Dina's parents were on a mission to return the baby Jesus to the nativity scene where they had stolen it from. They were driving my stolen Chevy Nova. They had stolen it from me, but originally it was stolen from the city by Juicy Lucy's first drug dealer boyfriend and given to me. Now they were driving a car that was stolen at least two that we knew about. After they returned the baby Jesus to the nativity scene, they fell into each others arms, but the thought of those two having sex as I mentioned before was just too grotesque to think about, so we won't go there. At the saturation contest Dina was weak and getting weaker with every grain of sand as it slipped through the hour glass. I had to get some iron into those girls fast. I went to the butcher shop on Barbados and purchased some liver and cans of spinach. I started to fry the liver with onions. The smell combined with the smell of the bloody Kotex and tampons was was extremely gross. I needed a gas mask. The liver was gross in itself. I was glad I did not have to eat that shit. When I entered the chamber with their lunch, I told Dina to listen to the words of Popeye, "He's strong to the finish cause he eats his spinach." Dina wanted me to feed her like I did Lucy. I was wondering if Dina died down here if I could have her gun? Esmeralda was starting to take the lead in the saturation contest with her steady drip of her illegal bag, but the bag filled with chickens blood was starting to run low. Esmeralda's body was covered with sweat from the heat. Her trench coat was dangling open.

I was feeding Dina now, but it was really turning out to be quit disgusting. I was looking into her mouth as she was chewing her liver with her crooked teeth. I kept trying to spoon spinach in there and she was gagging, spitting and foaming at the mouth. I think i failed to mention I spit in Dina's plate before i brought it into the chamber, so there was a smirk on my face while Dina was eating. I then put a cigarette in Dina's mouth and lit it for her. The Kotex/tampon saturation contest was winding down. Esmeralda was leading the Kotex category now. The referees were placing Dina's bloody Kotex on a scale now, they were very heavy. Dina had just pulled out another fully saturated Kotex out of herself to add to her massive collection on the referees table, so it looked like the saturation contest would end in a photo finish. At the cock fighting barn the Latino girls were dripping with cum. They were covered from head to toe with dirt and filth from the ground that had stuck to them from the center of the arena where the cocks fight. They had been providing massive sexual pleasure for many of the high ranking officials of the cock fighting circuit while an audience watched. The Latino girls were true blue to Dina because when it came time for the Latino girls to collect there big bank roll of cash from the cock fighting officials, the Latino girls asked if they could have the pictures of Esmeralda with the illegal bad filled with chickens blood taped to her back that they had heard about from the men that had been fucking the piss out of them instead of the money. This whole thing was Turing out to be a double cross on top of a double cross.

I was still holding Dina and feeding her and i wondered if she was the Antichrist. Contrary to popular belief, maybe the Antichrist was really a woman and not a man. I let go of of Dina and she collapsed to the bench that I was sitting on and her head hit the bench hard. I needed a soul mate and Dina didn't have a soul. I was carrying out the empty plates from lunch then there was announcement that Esmeralda was the projected winner of the Kotex saturation contest. I headed to the betting windows to collect on my ticket. I had figured black magic had a cheating way to win that's why I bet on Esmeralda. It was well known throughout the universe that when it came to a woman's period Dina had wrote the book. Nobody could out bleed her. At my tee shirt farm stand some assholes were demanding their money back and claiming that one of our tee shirts had caused them to contract body crabs. They were demanding we pay for kerosene for kerosene baths. Esmeralda had issued a statement revealing that black magic sought concessions over white magic. First Dina was to be dragged completely naked through the slime and the mud of the streets of Barbados, a symbol of complete black magic domination over the powers of white magic. Next Dina would have to undergo a black magic conversion ritual. She also would be bitten numerous times by black magic's two headed snake until she slipped into a coma. Then the white magic ice pick piercing ritual and all other white magic rituals would now become the exclusive property of black magic. Dina would have to consent to wearing a tattoo on the small of her back that read "property of Esmeralda and Black Magic. If you can read between the line's Dina was to be kept in her weakened state and to be Esmeralda's lesbian sex toy for the rest of her days. Then Dina would become black magic's vice lord over all newly acquired black magic rituals. Her newly elected office required that she would perform the white magic Wassonian ice pick ritual on Esmeralda and Elvira in the catacombs.

Back on the mainland, Lucy and the Henchman wannabe were kicking back at the biker bar and telling their tales of lust and adventure. One of the pole dancers really started to take a shine to Juicy Lucy. The pole Dancer's name was Terry, "Terry Cherry". Terry had once struck out to make it big in New York, but due to circumstances known only to herself wound up here, seventy four miles south of New York doing table dances for greasy drunk bikers And carrying a mountain of empty booze bottles down to the curb after the place had closed. Terry was intrigued by Lucy's story and was sick of hanging around this one horse town where she lived. She toyed with the idea of tagging along with Juicy Lucy and the Henchman wannabe. Terry Cherry was top gun at that little dive where she worked. The thing about Terry was she was a top notch dancer that never made an awkward move on the dance floor. Terry was a real crowd pleaser. Now she would serve as Lucy's dance instructor in Radio City, New York for her Mousketeer debut. Terry had many other skills too. One of them was she knew how to ride. She could handle a Harley. she learned it from the bikers that came passing through. Lucy had grown accustom to having Dina around all the time, but now there was a void in her life. Terry Cherry in the months to come would fill that void ten fold. Terry was also enticed by the Wassonian concept of Purgatory. Sure who didn't want to escape the fires of hell. Terry also had connections in Greenwich.

On Barbados the Latino girls had made their way over to the Kotex/tampon saturation contest chamber deep in the catacombs. The Latino girls showed to Dina the pictures of Esmeralda with the illegal bag filled with chickens blood taped to her back. The Latino girls laid the pictures at Dina's feet, knelt down before her and started to chant a white magic chant. Then Dina grabbed Esmeralda by the arm and led her into the lady's room. She confronted her with the pictures. Dina was demanding that Esmeralda forfeit the contest and that Esmeralda announce to the whole world that Dina was the finest Kotex saturator throughout the world. If Dina handed the pictures over to the newspapers, Esmeralda would surely lose her high position as black magic's princess warrior. She also would be tarred and feathered by black magic witch doctors. Dina was also demanding that there be a large Kotex swapping event to further mingle the blood between black and white magic. She demanded that Sophie Saran Wrap's remains be placed on a raft and drenched in kerosene. It would then be set a drift in the waters of the Caribbean and was to be ignited by flaming arrows at night. Sophie Saran Wrap was an Italian whore. Why were we giving her a Vikings funeral? Then for the rest of Esmeralda's days, Dina would parade herself in front of Esmeralda. Dina's well formed female body was an object of lust, a forbidden fruit so to speak. Esmeralda was to spend the rest of her days drooling over Dina.

Esmeralda agreed to Dina's terms and conditions and forfeited the Kotex/tampon saturation contest. This rendered my wagering ticket useless. I dropped it in the mud on the street and sent word to the airfield that I wouldn't have need of the Cessna that they had waiting to fly me off the island with all the cash. Both Dina's and Esmeralda's trench coats were still dangling open and the Latino girls entered the ladies room. Esmeralda and Dina were facing each other and the Latino girls were kneeling behind Dina, facing her back . The Latino girls gently placed Sophie Saran Wrap’s ankle bracelet on Dina's ankle and Dina started to levitate again, but only about 4 inches off the floor. The Latino girls were begging permission from Dina to return to the cock fighting barn where they could exchange more sexual favors for money. Dina was unable to hear the Latino girls because she was in a trance. Dina's eyes were swirling wildly. She was the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Dina had been spending most her life living in a Wassonian paradise. Next contestant X and Elvira were pushing their way through the ladies room door and it was really becoming quite crowded in there. It was really becoming evident that these girls needed a bath or a shower. The temperature was really quite high at about ninety degrees in the ladies room and all the women were sweating profusely. The Latino girls were still dripping with cum and the saturation contest girl’s panties were badly stained with blood. All we needed was some tears. Esmeralda would provide the tears. Esmeralda wore a small vile around her neck on a string. The vial contained the tears of a witch doctor. Esmeralda opened the vial and sprinkled some of the tears on Dina's boobs and then sprinkled some on her own boobs. Then all four contestant girls shed their trench coats at the same time. The trench coats hit the floor of the ladies room. The tear of the witch doctor ran down Dina's boobs and mingled with her sweat. It was dangling off one of Dina's nipples. On the main land Terry Cherry, Juicy Lucy and the Henchman wannabe were striking out on the open road headed toward New York City. Terry Cherry had borrowed  the bartender's Harley Davidson and was flanking the Norton Commando as they roared down the highway.

It was still a sweat box in the ladies room. Esmeralda was laying flat on her belly at Dina's feet. While Esmeralda was on the floor she was begging Dina to walk on her naked back with spiked high heels on. Din was laughing and ordering Contestant X and Elvira to perform the first tampon swap. Dina was demanding that Contestant x and Elvira pull on each others strings dangling from there pussies, yank out each others tampons and ram each others bloody tampons deep inside themselves. As for the high heel thing Dina said it was to sick and Esmeralda was a pervert. The Latino girls started to volunteer to walk on Esmeralda's naked back with spiked high heels on. On the mainland Terry Cherry and Juicy Lucy were passing a joint back and forth between the two motorcycles as they rode toward Greenwich Village.

The Kotex/tampon saturation was officially over. It was time to move on to the next contest. The next contest between black and white magic was to be the walking on of hot coals. But this wasn't your every day run of the mill walking on of hot coals event. This was a lot different because this event was performed by women wearing spiked high heeled shoes and nothing else. If they tripped or fell on the hot coals their naked exposed skin would be seared by the embers of the smoldering charcoal below causing them second or third degree burns. I had secured employment at the local sugar plantation on Barbados. I was hacking down sugar cane all day with a machete and gambling all my wages at the cock fighting barn at night. During the day I would be wearing cut offs and a head band as I hacked down the sugar cane crop. As I was working out in the field, I got a text message from Dina asking me to upgrade the gear ratio on her vibrator. She wanted more power. She wanted to go above and beyond number ten. On the mainland Juicy Lucy, Terry Cherry and the Henchman wannabe passed a sign on the road that read " New York City Limits."

The people of Barbados gathered in the street all looking up at the TV monitor that was mounted to a tall building similar to the one they have in Times Square in New York. It was Christmas eve in Barbados and the people that were watching the TV monitor were seeing an image of Dina, their new saturation contest hero. Dina was wearing a red velvet mini dress that had white cotton trim and a Santa Claus hat. Dina was wearing ruby red high heels and ruby red lip stick. Dina's dress was so short that it barely covered the cheek of her ass and there was plenty of cleavage showing. Dina was facing a plastic baby Jesus and reading from the new testament. She was reading to the baby Jesus. Dina read "and lo the angle of lord came upon them and the glory of the lord shone round bout them and they were so afraid. The angel said fear not for behold I bring you tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David, savior which is Christ the lord." The only description that comes to my mind concerning Dina's voice in which she was reading is as if sand paper could talk that is how it would sound. I wanted to get a 9mm and shoot out the TV monitor screen. I wanted to save the people of Barbados from this atrocity. Now Dina was holding the plastic baby Jesus and rocking it like it was her own baby. Finally mercifully Dina's image melted to the bottom of the screen and a drug company commercial came on. One thing was for sure, Dina had no shame.

On the mainland The Henchman wannabe was as lucky as lucky could be. Terry cherry was smoking hot! She was becoming quite close to him and Juicy Lucy. He was having fantasies about fucking both of them at the same time. Terry cherry secured a flop house in Greenwich Village where the three of them could stay. The people already living there allowed them to park the bikes in the living room. On Barbados the hot coals contest was canceled because of torrential rains. Every time the witch doctors tried to light the pathway of coal it would rain and put out the fire. Each of them being so superstitious took it to be a sign from the gods and canceled the event. The cock fighting arena knew where the money was and had posted flyers that read they were starting a new Kotex/tampon saturation contest featuring the Latino girls and Ruth who were now entering their periods. The cock fighting arena was branching out, now offering twenty four hour marriages and divorces in the facility. I can't think of a more romantic place to be married then at a cock fighting barn. The Latino girls would buy property on Barbados and would one day build a casino on that property. It would be called the "Latino Casino."

The cock fighting barn was really expanding their interests With all the cash it took in from the first Kotex/tampon saturation contest. They were putting in craps tables and opening a small whore house on the newly built upper level. The Latino girls and Ruth's images were shown on the cock fighting barn's billboards along side of images of fighting chickens. They were all boasting of the new Kotex/ tampon saturation contest. On the mainland Terry Cherry was demanding that the Henchman wannabe install a stripper pole in one of the unused rooms in the flop house in Greenwich Village so she could train Lucy on dancing. They were always blasting loud music from that flop house as Lucy's training began.

The next day Juicy Lucy, Terry Cherry and the Henchman wannabe took the subway to the Radio City, New York offices to learn from the security guard at the front desk that Mickey Mouse Club show had been canceled. The story about the cancellation had been in every newspaper and on every TV news show for weeks now. Lucy was devastated and tears were running down her pretty little cheeks. The 3 of them returned the flop House in Greenwich village where the Henchman wannabe sold the Norton Commando and the Harley. He bought 3 one-way tickets to Barbados with the money.

At the cock fighting barn back on Barbados the Kotex/tampon saturation contest was in high gear. The Latino girls and Ruth were saturating those sanitary napkins like they were going out of style. Esmeralda and Elvira were taken to the cock fighting barn at gun point to make good on there promise of total sexual satisfaction of the cock fighting patrons. The cock fighting patrons never really handed over the pictures of Esmeralda with the bag filled with chickens blood duck taped to her back to the news papers, just to the Latino girls. There was quite a bit of resistance from Esmeralda and Elvira. There was a lot of protesting and struggling but a deal is a deal. Esmeralda would much rather be surrounded by females because she was a dyke. At this point the cock fighting patrons were holing a single action Colt 45 to her head as Esmeralda was performing oral sex on their filthy dicks. Elvira was a lot more consenting to the whole thing. Dina was headed to the airport to meet Lucy and the Henchman wannabe.

Lucy came down the stairs of the 757 with the Henchman wannabe following her. Dina was waiting for them on the tarmac and Lucy and Dina hugged each other. Lucy had a baby witch doctor to pop out. There was a full moon on Barbados that night and it was extremely large in the sky. That moon was extremely close to the earth and had a massive amount of gravitational pull and influence on on the island of Barbados. This strong gravitational pull was tugging at Dina's blood as it tugged on the water in the ocean causing high tides. That night as Dina lie sleeping in her hammock her hormones went wild. She rolled out of her hammock and onto the ground where she picked up a knife and placed it in her teeth with the blade facing out. Dina was growling, moaning and making the strangest sounds. Dina tied a cameo handkerchief around her head to act as a headband. Then she crawled into the jungle of Barbados. All she was wearing was black Bikini panties and she was topless.

While Dina was waltzing through the jungle on all fours and howling at the moon, the gravitational pull of that big moon was having its effect on the Kotex /tampon saturation contest at the cock fighting barn. Unlike the first saturation contest that took place in the catacombs which had a separate category for girls using Kotex and girls using tampons, in this saturation contest the girls were free to saturate a Kotex or a tampon and even switch during the competition if they wanted to. Blood was everywhere. Between the fighting cocks with razors attached to their feet and the Latino girls gushing blood from their vaginas, the gutters streaming from the cock fighting palace were glistening red. It was glorious. The place was smoke filled from cigarette smoke and chickens feathers were flying though the air. The craps tables were extremely crowed and there was a live band playing some Reggae music. The whores were soliciting men in the walkways. It was one big party, something for everyone. Dina's agenda for that night was to get her pussy filled. Dina was so horny she couldn't stand herself. She had a sixth sense and knew of all the fun that was going on at the cock fighting barn without her and this was driving her wild. Dina wanted the high hard one. She wanted to climb on top of a man and pound herself until she came.

Dina located my hammock in the jungle on the island of Barbados hung between two palm trees. Dina was sitting on the ground under my hammock and spun it around. I came spilling out of it and hit the ground face first. I lit a small candle and shined the light on Dina's face. I saw the knife between her teeth and that drug crazed look in her eyes. I started to pour two glasses of scotch, one was for Dina, but she pushed me over on my back and she began to play with my cock. She was surprisingly gentle with it for a girl that appeared to be raised by wolves. I rubbed her vagina and she was soaking wet. My dick was like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and Dina climbed on top of it like a monkey. She pushed it deep inside herself and began pumping me so hard that I prayed I could hold it long enough so she could cum. Dina's arms were fully extended and hands were flat on my chest. Dina's tits were bouncing wildly all over the place and she would moan every time she thrust it inside herself. This was a real treat and felt all so good. Finally the crazy bitch came. She kept pumping so I could cum, then she collapsed on top of me and began to tell me how Lucy and the Henchman wannabe had brought back somebody else with them and they called her Terry Cherry. She told me Terry Cherry was interested in joining the Wassonian religion, going to purgatory and was willing to under go the Wassonian piercing ritual.

Dina rolled off me and We were laying on the ground under the hammock smoking cigarettes. Suddenly there was someone else there. Who was there friend or foe? It was Lucy but a blond was with her. Lucy and Dina introduced me to Terry Cherry. Our eyes met and there was no going back. Terry was luscious, standing there in the moon light. Terry was wearing skin tight designer blue jeans and a black tank top. She had piercings on her face and her belly button. Dina and Lucy picked up on the magnetism between Terry and I and they instinctively became jealous. Unlike Dina Terry had a tendency to act like a lady. Terry had something that Dina didn't have and Dina would also never comprehend it. It was called class. I started getting busy undressing Terry Cherry with my eyes. It would prove in the future that Terry really knew how to carry herself. Lady luck seemed to be shining down on me. Terry had the most beautiful blue eyes, the color of Windex. Lucy was really starting to show and that little baby witch doctor in her belly was kicking. He wanted to come out and say hello to everyone. Black magic witch doctors are able to speak from the second they are born. They are also born with the ability to shoot craps in there infancy.

All four of us started walking through the jungle path after that and we came upon the strangest sight. There was a trailer park on the island of Barbados. Who knew? Then all hell broke loose. Lucy's water broke and she started to go into labor. Lucy was laying on the ground in the jungle screaming and crying. The people that lived in the trailer park heard the noise and came running. They knew what to do. They carried Lucy on a stretcher to one of the trailers and began to boil some water. The trailer park people were saying it was Ophelia's trailer they were bringing Lucy to.

Ophelia was waiting by the door as they carried Lucy in and dropped her on the kitchen table. The witch doctors appeared on the scene. They were driving a mini van and arguing, but no one knew what they were saying because they were speaking Portuguese. They were all waiting outside the trailer. The baby witch doctor started to come out. His little bold head looked like a coconut emerging from Lucy's vagina. Then it started to get gross, the afterbirth, which is a gray colored creamy type fluid mixed with the blood, was everywhere. The umbilical cord which is two veins twisted to together, one is that sick gray color and the other is red and filled with blood, also was coming out. One end of the cord led to the baby witch doctors belly button the other to the placenta, which looked like a glob of blood to me. It was gross and I puked my guts out all over this disgusting abomination. Then the Henchman wannabe fainted. Now the little beggar was all the way out from Lucy's pushing and he was adorable. The cutest little baby witch doctor in all the world and Lucy was holding him. Ophelia cut the cord with a knife and washed him off. Soon Lucy's period would return with a vengeance and she could participate in saturation contests and maybe do some bloody gang bangs with Dina and Ruth again.

The baby witch doctor was thriving with all the female attention. He was to be a symbol of the mingling of blood between the black magic tribe and the Wassonian white magic bunch. What would they name the little guy? What to name him that was a mind boggling question. What to name him? What was to be his name?

Some said to name the baby witch doctor Adolf, like Adolf Hitler. Others said to name him Diablo and others said the baby witch doctor could speak, so just ask it what his name is. The baby witch doctor was only able to speak Portuguese so nobody knew what it was saying. Dina was sitting on a rocking holding the baby witch doctor and she began to day dream. She dreamed of her first period when she was in school sitting at her desk and wearing a Kotex. She dreamed of the anticipation and the anxiety before it arrived. When there was no sign of blood and she would check her Kotex and it looked like it just came out of the box yet smelled bad. She was dreaming about her faithful lunch box stocked full of Kotex, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. After hours of checking her Kotex, finally she felt it oozing out of herself. She checked her Kotex and saw the red blood for the very first time and she was so excited and happy. Still the issue was what to name the baby witch doctor? What were they going to name him?

Some said that the many witch doctors right out side of the trailer had the capability to translate the baby's name into English from Portuguese. The thing is those witch doctors could never be trusted with interpreting anything from Portuguese to English because they were all pathological liars and that included the baby's own father. Once the witch doctors were summonsed into an English court on Barbados to act as interpreters. They were to interpret what a defendant was trying to tell an only English speaking judge and the defendant could only speaking Portuguese. The defendant was telling the judge in his own language Not guilty but those witch doctors were telling the judge in English he was pleading guilty. Those witch doctors did that with a straight face and when they got outside away from everyone they would laugh. Still others said the baby witch doctor should be named Kotex. They say I am cruel, Ha!

The people bowed and prayed to the Wassonian god they made. It was breakfast time and Ophelia and Terry cherry were cooking grits for everyone to eat. I had a vision that the Beatles were talking to me through their music.. What were they saying to me? What were they trying to tell me? They were telling me to book passage on a yellow submarine. Of course, a yellow submarine travels under the water where it is always calm, unlike the surface where glass bottom boats are tossed and bounced like a cork in the waves. Oh, I wish I was out jamming in the wind on a Norton Commando. A submarine offers air to breath for it passengers and a steady smooth ride like a magic carpet.

Dina was still sitting in the rocking chair rocking the baby witch doctor with no name. She was still day dreaming about her first period, she remembered when she peeled back her Kotex and saw her own blood coming from her uterus for the first time. It was like Christmas morning with all the toys and presents. It was her best present ever. She remembered that she pulled that Kotex out and examined it. She studied her own blood flow, then she was laughing with the joy she felt all over. She was just a little bundle of joy returning to her desk at school with a fresh clean Kotex on, taken from her lunch box. Dina was ready to burst with the news that her first period had come and wanted to proclaim it to the world. She thought she would be interview and a reporter would write an article about her magical first period. Still the baby with doctor had no name.

Esmeralda and Elvira were pulling up at the trailer park (they came by rickshaw) and demanding to hold the baby witch doctor. They wanted to bond with the baby witch doctor just like that Wassonian white magic white trash girls had done. They wanted to put their fears into him. They were demanding that another saturation contest be held right in the trailer park. With all the ruckus everybody was outside except the nameless baby with doctor. When they came back inside they discovered the baby witch doctor was gone. Someone had snatched the baby witch doctor.

It turned out that the baby witch doctor crawled off on his own into the jungle because the Wassonian woman touching him and sneaking a peek at his little uncircumcised dick was making him sick because he was gay. He was trying to tell everyone his name in Portuguese and he was telling them that he was gay. As fate may have it as the baby witch doctor was crawling through the Barbados jungle when he met with a Burmese Python that locked eyes with the little baby with doctor. After hypnotizing him the python coiled him, killed him then swallowed him whole. Then the Burmese python slithered deeper into the jungle brush to digest the baby witch doctor. He was never heard from again. Nobody liked him very much anyway. Good Python.

Lucy started screaming about the loss of the baby witch doctor. She was becoming hysterical and pounding on the henchman wannabe's chest. She demanded to be told where could he be and tears were all over her face. Dina was getting my machete out and I, being the more intelligent of the the Wassonian hierarchy was borrowing a chainsaw from one of the trailer park inhabitants. One good thing about a chainsaw, was it could make as much noise as a Harley Davidson when you squeezed the pistol grip throttle all the way back. Lucy, the henchman wannabe and the baby's rapist father went charging in to the jungle to save the baby witch doctor. Not only was I carrying a chain saw but also I was carrying a pot full of grits because the baby witch doctor might be hungry when we found him. If he was truly dead I could eat the grits myself. why couldn't Dina carry anything besides the machete? She had 2 arms and 2 legs, I had to do everything. What a lazy bitch.

All of us walking through the jungle in the morning fog on Barbados. We walked single file through the jungle and then we located the python that had swallowed the precious baby witch doctor. The snake was trying feverishly to digest the baby with no name. The Burmese python was having great difficultly achieving this digestion process because it seamed that the baby witch doctor's little body was highly toxic and had caused the python great sickness. The big reptile was laying in the brush of the jungle shaking. It just lied there as I fired up the chain saw and cut the snakes head off. I then began to slice the snake open sideways to free the baby witch doctor. I had to stop though for fear of cutting the baby witch doctor when I got close to the large lump in the python's body.

Always use the proper tool. Now it was time to start slicing the python's skin with a box cutter, the blade on a box cutter was sticking out just far enough to cut the snakes skin but couldn't cut the baby witch doctor. I should had been a surgeon. A couple of cuts and out spilled the little baby witch doctor good as new. Lucy was grabbing him, squeezing him and kissing him and he was still covered with snake guts. The baby witch doctor was half alive still due to the fact he was half Wassonian because Lucy was his mother. It is taboo for as Wassonian to die any place else but sitting on the toilet. It is a Wassonians destiny to die while sitting on the toilet, then his or her soul proceeds directly to purgatory. Elvis Presley was a Wassonian, bet you didn't know that. I bid the baby witch doctor a good morning, I tipped my hat and was on my way to return the chain saw.

They were now feeding the baby witch doctor grits and snake meat. The Wassonians made a barbecue out of all the white meat that came out of the Burmese python and were slowly turning it on an open fire. They feeding it to the baby witch doctor and anyone that was brave enough to eat it. They claimed it tasted like chicken. I prefer to eat real chicken from the cock fighting barn, I eat the loser whole and raw. Then the Wassonians gathered the snakes skin and hung it in the warm sun at the trailer park in a effort to dry it out. In the future they would make purses and wallets, belts and boots from the dried snake skin to sell to tourists. A big black crow swooped down out of the sky and landed close to the python's severed head, it plucked out the python's eyes with its sharp beak and flew off into the morning sky over the ocean, out of sight.

Dina was cutting up the baby witch doctors snake meat into tiny little pieces so the baby witch doctor could eat it. Then she somehow breast fed him. I suggested that they put some steak sauce on that python meat or maybe tartar sauce. Then I felt the urge to argue with Dina for awhile so I suggested that it was her fault in the first place that the baby witch doctor was swallowed by the Burmese python because she was attending the baby witch doctor at the time of its disappearance. Dina insisted that it wasn't her fault but it was the fault of her father and mother or maybe Lucy's mother, but it most definitely was not her fault. Dina was claiming that she was the first one to find the snake and she single handily saved the baby witch doctor. If it wasn't for her we would have never had found the python because she was the only competent one of us I stated that the baby would had never been lost in the first place if it wasn't for her. Dina persisted that it wasn't her fault and started to suggest that it was my fault and I was doing this because I felt guilty and ashamed. She insisted that I was trying to shift the guilt on her and she was completely innocent. My mind game wouldn't work on her because she was too strong for me. I knew at that point that one day I would compile a book about Dina, but it wouldn't be called The Story of a Traveling Lunch Box, but it would be called The World According to Dina.

The baby witch doctor was slowly starting to realize it had been born into the wrong family and that it had been born to the children of the dammed. Therefore it was a grandchild of the dammed and that his Aunt Dina was really quite fucked up. Then flies started to gather on the pythons severed head and crawl into its empty eye sockets. Then the same flies were landing on Dina. They seemed to like her. This would make Dina the Wassonian warrior princess of the flies.

Dina went back to the trailer park and started negotiating with the trailer inhabitants for the use of an abandoned trailer. Dina intended to rekindle her old prostitution ring in the trailer. She also planned to start growing a small marijuana patch next to it and build a small meth lab in a tunnel underneath the trailer. Of course she still planned to saturate Kotex and tampons for men's delight. She could offer gang bangs bloody or just dry.

Dina was sitting on the front porch of the old abandoned trailer surrounded by a bunch of trailer park teenage girls. She was giving them special instructions about their first periods. Later that evening a colossal outdoor saturation contest was planned and it would be Lucy's first saturation contest. They didn't call her Juicy Lucy for nothing . Many top name whores from the area were coming to participate tonight.

I was sitting on a tree stump on a dark path in the jungle leading to the new abounded trailer awaiting the start of the new saturation contest. The henchman wannabe approached in the night and started to ask me some freaky questions. He asked me that if America had nuclear bombs? He asked me why were we fighting a war with old fashion conventional weapons? He asked if Spartacus had had guns and his enemy only had swords or visa versa wouldn't they had used the superior weapons on their enemy? I assured the Henchman wannabe he was right about Spartacus or Spartacus's enemy's. I also told him the United States government told its people all kinds of bullshit and expected them to believe it. I told him maybe we should ask Dina these questions and it would be interesting to she what here little scrambled brain would come up with for the answers. The Hench man wannabe began to laugh and I joined in. Lucy was getting ready for her first saturation contest. She would be facing Esmeralda face to face and it was expected to be the contest of the century. The table was set.

This new open air saturation contest was different than the first saturation contest in the way that it offered a big purse for the winner. Roughly a $4,500 grand prize and Lucy needed the money to save for the baby witch doctor's college education. Lucy didn't want her baby to grow up like his father scratching in the dirt like a chicken for some pennies to buy Kotex, bread, wine and cigarettes. Lucy wanted her baby to attend a fine university like George Washington University in the District Of Colombia one day and become a real doctor. The contest would soon be getting underway and was to take place on top of the old abounded trailer so that all could witness it for miles around. There were spotlights swirling into the night sky visible to everyone on the island of Barbados and those at sea on the decks of nearby cruse ships. Everyone in the area was becoming familiar with the source of the swirling search lights in the sky generating from the top of the abounded trailer. Meanwhile on the other end of the island at an abounded air strip a G6 had just finished its final approach and had landed safely. 7 passengers that had disembarked were being picked up by a driver named Karelian in a black stretch limo and were being shuttled to Silver Point Hotel and Resort. But what is the significance to our story? The five little girls with bad intent!

If Lucy could just become rich somehow, she could send her son to college and live in in a big mansion on Barbados with an adjoining warehouse. A whole warehouse full of Kotex. Kotex as far as the eye could see. What a life that could be. At the secret airfield on the other side of the island the G6 stood unattended and unguarded. The G6 had a white underbelly and those jokers from the cock fighting barn started to spray paint graffiti on it until it looked like a New York City subway train. The graffiti had vulgar sayings and had an image of a woman's tits and vagina. There was a swastika in black and the words helter skelter with the image of a big dick. There were words that read GET THE FUCK OFF THE ISLAND IMPOSTERS and DEATH TO THE IMPOSTERS all with that special graffiti lettering. There was an image of a pig with a curly tail also. Some of the work was done in blue spray paint and some of it done with chickens blood, which is of course fire engine red. Then those jokers from the cock fighting barn placed a powerful pipe bomb on a strategic area on the under belly of the G6 that had the capability of blowing up all that jet fuel. In its own way it was a masterpiece. At the trailer park for the first time ever the open air Kotex/Tampon Saturation contest was beginning and fog was released from the top of the abounded trailer. A single electric guitar whaled and the spot lights ripped through the night sky. Tiki torches lit the area and fire rose and as the fog machines stopped. The fog cleared and the crowd witnessed Esmeralda's naked image wearing only pasties and a black g-string. She was facing Lucy who was wearing a baseball shirt but completely bottomless. The two women were eye to eye and there profiles were visible to the large crowd that had been gathering at the trailer park for hours.

Lucy's agenda was to win the money and give it to the baby witch doctor, while Esmeralda's agenda was a little more complicated, sinister and perverted. Esmeralda had been asking where Dina had been since she got there. Dina had been down below in the tunnel beneath the abandoned trailer working in the new meth lab. Dina was wearing an old pair of coveralls and a minor's hat with the light on. Dina was working feverishly so she could distribute meth in Bridgetown. I wondered if she was naked under the coveralls, Esmeralda wondered the same thing. Esmeralda desperately wanted to get between Dina's creamy white chubby thighs and lick her unmercifully while She was on her period. Esmeralda wanted Dina's blood all over hers face. Esmeralda wanted to shove her fingers deep into Dina, pry her wide open and take a vibrator to Dina's clit and watch her cum. Esmeralda wanted to sit Dina on a chair and wash her long blond hair very gently then dress Dina in brand new nylons and a slinky evening gown. She wanted to dress herself the same way and take Dina to the finest French restaurant. She wanted to watch Dina eat like a pig and hear her stupid stories. Esmeralda was one sick little puppy. Some men were selected from the crowd to open the honorary first box of tampons. The men quickly climbed the ladder to the top of the trailer and ripped the top of the box containing the tampons. Tampons spilled out all over the table.

Contrary to popular belief Lucy could bleed. Dina had been Lucy's mentor all this time and somehow possessed Lucy's inner soul. She corrupted her and forced her to follow through the gutters so that Lucy could bleed with the best of them. The contest was getting underway, the first tampons were in place and both the girls would make short work of them. The baby with doctor was peering out an open screen at Ophelia's trailer which was about four trailers over. Ophelia was a African gypsy fortune teller. Some claimed she was a crack pot, but I wasn't sure. Ophelia was baby sitting the baby witch doctor so his mother could make some bread. Dina seamed to have acquired a group of new friends. It was those swarm of fly's that came to feast on the dead Burmese python carcass. They followed Dina wherever she went, always landing on her and swarming around on her. She just couldn't shake them. It seamed that Dina's smelly vagina was there target. She was constantly trying to get them out of there.

The next morning the saturation contest was still going hot and heavy. Lucy was popping out blood soaked tampons like a machine gun when a man and some followers marched into the trailer park uninvited and unannounced. The man was holding something high above his head. It was a small object and it took the people's eyes some time to focus on the small object in order to see that it was a four inch crucifix that he was holding. The man was Reverend Mark Moon. He was wearing a suit and so were his followers. The reverend was always touring Barbados shouting about God's fire and brimstone coming down from the sky to destroy the wicked. He had come to put a halt to the unholy Kotex/tampon saturation contest. Now the Reverend Moon was climbing the ladder to the top of the abandoned trailer to speak to the crowd. Dina was in the front of the crowd and she headed the reverend off at the pass. Dina had gained control over her new friends, the swarm of flies that had come to eat the dead python. Dina sent the swarm of flies after the Reverend Moon as he stood on the edge of the roof of the trailer. Thousands of flies were crawling an the reverend's face and into his white shirt. They biting him, buzzing around him and driving him mad. Suddenly he fell off the edge of the trailer and came crashing down to the ground. The on looking crowd gave out a loud cheer.

Reverend Mark Moon was flopping around in the wet mud at the bottom of the trailer and the swarm of flies were still on him as the crowd laughed and jeered. The reverend struggled to his feet and began running out of the trailer park while babbling in a loud voice "YOU ALL PERISH IN FLAMES." Even his own followers were laughing at him as he exited with the swarm of flies in high pursuit. The Reverend Moon was the biggest hypocrite on Barbados, maybe even in the whole Caribbean. He was the lowest form of scum you would ever set eyes on, the lowest vermin. The Reverend Moon had a double identity. By day he was the Reverend Mark Moon performing services and doing some faith healing at an open air chapel on Barbados. By night he slipped into his disguise and attended saturation contests on the other side of the island at Saint James. When it came to girls on their periods and period blood he had a bad yen. He had the raunchiest collection of videos of women on their periods on his computer. He would sit and watch blood trickle down this one woman's inner thigh over and over and over again. He was a real sicko He would pay his entrance fee to the saturation contests with money from the collection plate that was collected at the open air chapel During the day. His real agenda for storming the trailer park was to get a better look at Lucy. He had seen Lucy's image on a billboard in Bridgetown advertising the open air saturation contest and he couldn't get her out of his mind. Lucy was pure sex appeal. The reverend fantasized about bending Lucy over and masturbating all over Lucy's blood splattered rear end and watching the cum ooze down and mingle with the period blood. What a lunatic. He belonged in a padded cell.

The Reverend Mark Moon was sitting behind the wheel of an aged Cadillac parked by the curb with his head turned talking to the passenger seat. As I looked at the passenger seat I could only see a small doll sitting on the massive seat. The Reverend Moon was cracked, he had lost his marbles. The crazy bastard grabbed the doll and goy out of the car to the street. He proceeded up the stairs to a already secured hotel room where the he undressed the doll, bent the poor little thing over and slathered some old chickens blood on its naked plastic ass. He then proceeded to stroke himself over this whole thing and when he finally ejaculated the force of it knocked the poor little doll sideways.

Dina was urging me to write the lyrics to a song for her, me being a world class writer and all. I half heartily wanted to do it for one reason. If the song made it to the top ten on the radio, music groupies would start to unravel the lyrics to find there real meaning. The look on their faces when they would be incredible when they discovered Dina was singing about a girls first period. Dina was topside now and climbing to the top of the trailer where all the Kotex/tampon saturation contest action was happening. Dina wanted to give Esmeralda a little treat, a good long look at what she couldn't have, at least not today. Dina toyed with the idea of letting Esmeralda floor her and munch on her bloody rug. Dina wondered if Esmeralda would be aroused by watching four or five men gang bang Dina while she was on her period. It was Lucy's turn to shine though and shine she did. Lucy shined like a diamond. Maybe the Beatles were really singing about our Lucy when they sang their song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

The saturation contest was a big success with a big purse. Girls from all over the island were trying to get involved and win some money. But the daytime Reverend Mark Moon along with a joint association of clergy were feverishly trying to cripple or kill the BMSA (Barbados Master Saturation Association). They were plotting a counter offensive against the trailer park and the work of the devil. Esmeralda was willing to sell her soul to the devil if he could convert Dina to the other side and make half a dyke out of her. The devil already had her soul, so no deal. Esmeralda still longed to be inside Dina's pussy even though Dina's new friends the flies were still following her everywhere she went.

I had the answer to Esmeralda's dilemma. Esmeraldas's could simply slip Dina a couple roofies and have her way with her. But Esmeralda would have to wait until the saturation contest was over. Reverend Mark Moon was back with all his madness. Lucy was the projected winner of the Kotex/tampon saturation contest, but if Esmeralda could win this might impress Dina. Esmeralda wanted Dina so bad she could taste that bloody pussy just thinking about it.

The saturation contest was winding down and coming to an end, but every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Soon Lucy would be holding the giant trophy and wearing the little symbolic crown like Miss America. After that Esmeralda would be free to carry out her perverted plans with Dina's blood pussy. Poor Dina was like a lamb being led to the slaughter. There was news from the United States that Davy Jones had just died and Dina and Lucy were crying. Davy Jones was the lead singer for that ancient bubblegum rock group the Monkees. Dina had planned to contract they to perform her latest creation, the song about a girl's first period. Dina planned that it could be part of the Monkees big comeback. Dina also planned to get into Davy's and the other musicians pants. She would have seduced them into a massive gang bang. Davy died on a day that only occurs once every four years to adjust the solar calendar. Poor bastard.

If only Dina's parents had bought her the right lunchbox she would have been rich. Nobody gave a fuck about Davy Jones when he was alive but now that he was dead they were all coming out of woodwork to tell their lies. A Monkees lunchbox was worth a small fortune now, but Dina had a messed up bloody Beatles lunchbox. It seamed we were going to Davy Jones funeral. We were going to take the G6 to LA, but the G6 had a problem . It still had all that graffiti on its underbelly. We were boarding her just the same. We had Esmeralda in tow and Dina's new friends the flies that came to eat the Burmese python. Lucy was still wearing her saturation contest garb and even the Latino girls were boarding the G6. What was the purpose of the Latino girls going? Then it hit me Dina was planning to hang around after all the people had left Davy Jones' grave and dig him up. She would have some perverted sex with his corpse but his dick would be ice cold by now. Was she going to take that icicle inside her. Could she get it in a microwave somehow. Damn this was sick.

Kotex wasn't  the only strange thing Dina put in a microwave. A few years ago Dina had watched her goofy brothers put gerbils in the microwave and watch them explode through the glass. Of course her and her brothers and sisters would put tin foil in the microwave and would watch the lightening show until the door blew open. All that black smoke would come billowing out but then the family's microwave would no longer work. Dina's parents would bring it back to Kmart and with a straight face demand that the manager fix the microwave oven or give them a new one. They would lie that it just broke all by itself and it had nothing to do with their dirty flee bitten little tribe of kids that were swarming all over the store, touching and breaking everything. So you could kind of gather that Dina and her brothers and sisters had figured out how to make a microwave turn on while the door was still open.

The last thing that they loaded onto the G6 was the baby witch doctor. He was coming up a conveyor belt and was in a large dog carrier. His Fangs were starting to come in and he packed a walloping bite so they found it safer to keep him in there. Then the G6 was air born. While the outside of the G6 was already trashed, Dina and her party began to thrash the insides of the fuselage. Esmeralda was sitting dangerously close to Dina. Esmeralda was explaining to Dina that she was still quite dirty from the saturation contest and asked if Dina wanted to give her a sponge bath. The rest of us were raping and pillaging the bar and guzzling those little airplane bottles full of booze. Graffiti was starting to appear on the inside of the plane made with black magic markers. Then the Wassonians started to pass around a bong. Esmeralda didn't seem to mind the swarm of flies that were constantly circling Dina. Esmeralda was on cloud nine. Dina had a good supply of meth with her that she could sell and take at the funeral. I wondered if this was the first time Dina would fuck a corpse. She seemed so confident with the whole thing. The Wassonians were demanding that they start a movie for us to enjoy but all they had was a fucking Harry Potter movie.

Good lord those goofy bitch's from the saturation contest had brought the bloody Kotex and tampons from the contest on board the G6 and stowed them in the air sickness bags in the pouches on the backs of the seats. Harry Potter was up on the big screen, face forward riding his magic broom with tremendous speed straight for us and I whipped one of the bloody tampons and hit him right in the for head. Everybody laughed and period blood was running down Harry Potters face on the screen. Harry Potter veered off to the left but the tampon held its ground where his head had been. Lucy Had taken her baby witch doctor out of the dog carrier. She was holding him on her lap and they were watching The bloody movie. Dina and Esmeralda were in the little airplane wash room together. What was up with that? They came out and made their way to the ships galley where Dina had spotted a small microwave oven, but it seamed big enough for Dina's purposes. Bloody Kotex, tampons and other disgusting items were nuked and stunk up the plane. Why were these girls so obsessed with their period blood. The G6 landing gear was coming down now and we were making our final approach to LAX. These G6s can really fly fast. Dina and Esmeralda ripped that microwave right out of the wall of of the galley. We all came down the steps and headed to the cemetery. The California tabloids were reporting that Davy Jones had been murdered and didn't die of natural causes. The funeral turned out to be a big circus with real live monkeys, therefore we fit right in. The remaining Beatles were here, but Davy Jones was a has been. TV cameras were on the old broken down alcohol ridden Beatles.

Right after the services we would put Lucy and her baby witch doctor in a cab. Lucy wanted to buy a Harry Potter book and some toys for the baby with that big wad of money she won at the saturation contest. The odd thing about the cab that pulled up was it had a small lighted billboard on the roof but it was advertising the BMSA contests in Barbados and all inclusive trips there. we told the cab driver to take Lucy to Rodeo Drive. with Lucy saying she wanted to buy a book, it made me wonder if Dina knew how to read.

It turned out that the actual funeral was on the east coast and this was just a memorial for Davy. We were too late because Davy had already been cremated. The west coast memorial was just a decoy to throw off all the groupies that would show up in groves like us. There was nothing to do but pick up the pieces and go home. We were all back at the air field waiting to board the trashed G6. Lucy and the baby witch doctor pulled up in another cab. The baby witch doctor was playing with a Super Nintendo. When we boarded the plane Dina had instructed the pilots to fly to West Palm Beach. Where was the method to this madness? This was the location of the actual funeral.

I woke up and the G6 was on the ground in London. What the fuck were we doing in London? Dina must had gave the pilot and copilot one hell of a blow job. I learned later it was actually a half and half and Esmeralda was in on it up in cockpit. If there's a will there is a way and Dina had a strong will. She desperately wanted to get her filthy little hands on Davy Jones ashes. Davy Jones was a big bloody loser. The henchman wannabe was five times the man Davy Jones was. Was he was just a wannabe?

And so the producers of the the Story of A Traveling Lunchbox have strongly suggested that I write the bloody ending of the story, but it is hard for me to let it go because it has been fun and I lived to write each day. The time has come but the readers know me and they know that I wrote the end long before I every wrote the beginning. There is no blood, only tears and so it goes like this. To Dina if by some strange occurrence you ever read this story, if you are still alive you know what your real name. You know the white Ford was really blue and you and me really did a lot of this crazy shit. So whenever I am driving my car and that song comes on the radio where the words go like this "I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days I thought would never end. I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend. But I always thought I would see you again."  I always think of you. To Terry Cherry, a real flesh and blood person and a casualty of the story. The only thing I can say is there is another line from another song that comes on the radio and it goes like this " I never meant to do bad things to you." To Mr. Schmidt and his class at George Washington University, thanks for your support and I hope your students take over the fucking world. When Pontius Pilate scribbled the words at the top of the cross, "Jesus king of the Jews" and the people edged him to change whatever he wrote, to he said he was king of the Jews, Pilate answered them saying what I have written, I have written The end. And finally to the BMSA, for taking my vision and becoming rich of it, without giving me a cent, I say the spoils go to the winner and you guys are definitely the winners.

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If you find any lose ends in this story we are not going to tie them up . They may never be tied up. It just kind of happens. Its just the way it is, like the Green Hornet. I had a Green Hornet lunch box when I was small but unlike Dina I was cool. To be continued?