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1/12/09- It is amazing to me that it took The Illinois House of Representatives this long to finally to vote today (114+1) to begin the soap opera called, IMPEACHMENT ILLINOIS STYLE! Did the Representatives not catch on when "Rod" had an altercation with his father in law, "Mel", in 2005? Rod had closed down a landfill of a cousin on his wife Patty's side. Also, Rod baby had his first scandal in 2005 when it was printed that "contracts" for franchises like the Golden Arches at the new oasis were given to ROD BABIES campaigners who gave "nice" contributions to Mr. Blagojevich's campaign. I can't believe i just wrote "Mister". I meant LAOS! And guess what happened after this first scandal? Yes you guessed right! Blagojevich was being questioned about a fifteen hundred dollar check given to him by the Ascaridis. Isn't it funny that Ascaridis's wife ended up getting a job at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources even though she flunked the "hiring exam!'' Then questions regarding Rezko. Rezko was put on certain boards which it was believed that they were extorting money! This is when a smart US Attorney named FITZGERALD began is investigation into Rod Babies antics. FINALLY!

So, the bottom line comes down to this. Rod has been named, "LEAST POPULAR GOVERNOR IN THE NATION!" It was also determined in 2008 that they had enough "EVIDENCE" to arrest Rod Baby just because he wanted to exchange the President Elect's Senate seat so his wife could end up making lots and lots of money at a certain place of business

This is what is going to happen. The Soap Opera, "IMPEACHMENT ILLINOIS STYLE will begin and every producer in Hollywood will trying to figure out who should star as "ROD BABY. " I personally feel "FRANK" from "FRANK T.V. should star but he will have to lose weight so he can fit into a warm up suit! Then viewers who watch soaps, Ellen and Jeopardy are going to get Pissed off! Fox News will skip commercials, Nursing Homes and Rehab facilities won't get paid, Mayor Daley Is madder than hell that Rod may have lowered our chances to host the 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES and Mayor Daley Might be regretting raising Parking meters and definitely resent that he lowered STREETS and SANITATION to decrease clearing the snowy streets of Chicago due to Rod's moves as Governor. Daley had no choice.

The bottom line is this. It was very apparent that Rod turned into a Laos in 2005. Perhaps he was always a Laos and just got away with it. The problem is, that he put on a show for all to see and the evidence has always been there but those who we have elected chose to wait till, yes, you've guessed it...........................

A SOAP OPERA!!!!!!!!  To all who reads this, Have a Great week! SMARTESTBIT