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Current Problems

1/7/09- The present economic banking problems can be solved by enforcing the rules and regulations we presently have in place. The trick/need is to enforce the rules and regulations along with taking the proper action on a timely basis.

If the government is to offer a package to help the economy by supplying funds, the funds must be tracked to determine that they are used properly. A plan with goals, target dates and responsibility assigned should be prepared and reviewed by the target date to determined the progress and status. To properly prepare a stimulus plan, an action plan, along with goals and how to accomplish the goals should be prepared, along with target completions and review dates.

Oversight and review by the regulators are the keys to success, with reports of progress and status going to the President, Congress and the Senate. If a target date is not met,the reason should be noted and the plan to get up to date laid out in detail. Money should not be disbursed unless there are prepared plans with target dates and fixed responsibility, along with review and over sight. This is basic management-we would not have disbursed or used funds other than to meet the planned objectives as shown in the plan. If there is a need to change the plan every one should be advised of the proposed changes and the need for the change. The President, Senate and Congress should approve the changes and  update the plan and time schedules. THIS IS THE BASIC MANAGEMENT all projects/economic plans require.!!!