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7/5/11- Inconsiderate Ass Holes.....This is the story of Tim, Reeve, and Trot. I was friends with these three guys for a long time. Reeve and Trot are the brothers of Jerry from a previous story and they are also related to SmartestAndy by marriage. Tim was a close friend of theirs and I considered him a close friend of mine, although it may not have been mutual. Read more

2/4/09- Mr. Profit.....I have been out of retail for more than ten years now. If you have never worked in retail you cannot understand the world that most retail workers live in. When you are in retail you see yourself as having a normal job. You think those above you are successful and aspire to get to their level. Everyone below or equal to you is a threat and you want to keep him or her down. Everyone outside of retail considers you a joke. Read more

1/19/09 A Skunk is Near....They are out there. I am not sure why, but they are out there and they either know and don’t care or maybe they just don’t know. I am talking about people with very bad body odor. At a previous position and I am not going to elaborate on where, when or even what this company did because the point of this column is not to hurt anyone, there were at least two real bad cases of this. Read more

1/7/09 Fun at The Call Center.....Many years ago, back when I was still Notsosmartmark, I worked in the call center at a financial institution that dealt with the transfer of stocks. This institution is still in business, but they sold this unit many years ago. This was a big break for me as it got me out of retail and for a while I was extremely happy to be there. I still feel to this day I owe the call center manager a lot for hiring me with no experience at the time. If not for her I may not have become Smartestmark. If not for her you might be reading this column from idioticmark.com or stupidmark.com. Read more

1/6/09 JERRY and RHODA....Many years ago, what seems like an eternity now, I worked for a major retail chain in one of their stores. Back then this chain was big, now it is a laughingstock. I had a friend I worked with, we will call him Jerry. Jerry loved this retail chain. He left it on five separate occasions to take other jobs but he always came back. Unfortunately, Jerry died a few years ago, under suspicious circumstances. In his last few months he was trying to go back to this retail chain for the sixth time. Read more