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The Most Inconsiderate Ass Holes

July 5, 2011
This is the story of Tim, Reeve, and Trot. I was friends with these three guys for a long time. Reeve and Trot are the brothers of Jerry from a previous story and they are also related to SmartestAndy by marriage. Tim was a close friend of theirs and I considered him a close friend of mine, although it may not have been mutual.

I met them through Jerry as a teenager and for around 15 years we did a lot of things together. I didn’t have a huge number of friends at the time and these guys seemed pretty cool. Jerry was always the center of the group and maybe there will be another story about him at a later date, but this story really is not about him. I would hang out the most with Jerry and Tim, but Reeve and Trot were there a lot and I also considered them close friends.

Tim had a car and seemed to like driving us up to Wisconsin and telling us how he was screwing this girl who had a goat. At the time I believed him, but it is very possible he was just screwing a goat. Since I wasn’t getting any at the time, I really admired Tim for that. He seemed to have a good job at a young age, he had his own place (although it was his parents coach house) and was a funny and likable guy.

Reeve, who was Jerry’s older brother, was a lot of fun too. He had been in the Army for a while, went AWOL a few times and seemed to be a little crazy. Jerry used to say, he wouldn’t be surprised if Reeve killed himself eventually. For some reason Reeve never had any money. Tim liked driving us all to the airport for some reason. One night we were walking around the international terminal making fun of the foreigners and I offered Reeve a quarter to roll down this large ramp. He did it. I wish we had video phones back then as this would have been a great video for YouTube. For a week once Reeve had this hot girlfriend and when she dumped him he didn’t get over it for like ten years.

Trot, who was Jerry’s younger brother, was probably the coolest and most popular guy of the bunch. He always had a girlfriend and unlike Tim’s goat girl, I usually met them, so I know they were real and human. Trot always had nice cars and seemed to be on the fringe of organized crime. Sometimes I would buy hot merchandise off him for some really low prices. He was always fun to be around and was a good guy.

For over 15 years we were all good friends. I was at Trot’s wedding and even flew to South Dakota at my own expense to attend Reeve’s wedding. I wasn’t invited to Tim’s wedding but I understood. I think he only had immediate family and was kind of embarrassed that he married a woman who looked like a man. Behind his back Jerry nicknamed him (I mean her) “The Crusher” after the famous wrestler from Milwaukee. If Tim’s reading this and didn’t know that, I am sorry (well not really) for the pain this may cause you.

Unfortunately, around 2002, Jerry passed away under suspicious circumstances. Some say his mother killed him for the insurance money. I think SmartestAndy knows the truth but will probably guard that truth to his dying day. After his funeral, for the next year or so, I would occasionally see the gang. It wasn’t that often but we were still friends. After that we didn’t see each other much. We were older, we had our own lives, and I still considered them to be my close friends though.

In 2005 I met a girl and was planning on getting married. I had pictures in my mind of the old gang being together at my wedding. I also thought of how happy Jerry would have been for me and it would have been nice at my wedding when I mentioned him for them to be there. Of course, I sent them all wedding invitations. As the deadline approached, I had not received their replies. It never occurred to me they wouldn’t attend. Tim and Trot still lived in the area and after all I had spent the money to attend Reeve’s wedding, why wouldn’t he do the same.

Well, these three pieces of crap couldn’t even be bothered to send the invitations back. Obviously if a normal person gets a wedding invitation and doesn’t want to go, they reply saying they cannot attend. Not these asses though. As the deadline approached, I called each of them and each of them had some lame fake excuse why they couldn’t come. It was very hurtful, but just made me realize that without Jerry to guide them these guys were just bad guys.

Today Tim lives off his wife and doesn’t even work. He has run for public office for a medium size town and county a few times and I believe he may have won a term as something, but he has usually lost. Today Reeve lives on an Indian reservation teaching children. He was accused of inappropriate behavior around a minor, but I do not know the outcome. He is still teaching, so it was probably dismissed. Trot died after his wife divorced him, in some kind of weird suspicious situation that may have been insurance related also. SmartestAndy probably knows the true story of this also, but will probably never tell. If I were Reeve I would watch out as when money is needed he may be next.

The moral of this story is there are some real bad people out there and without good people like Jerry guiding them their true self comes out. Tim and Reeve look at yourself in the mirror and Trot I hope it’s not too hot for you in hell; I assume at least you will have the company of two other friends soon.